Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Day!!

14th july '09

yea classes were a disaster. 
the 1st class was CSC which is where we learn how use computer and to manage the data in it.
the class was boring yet fun.
hemm what am i trying to say actually?? 

then the day continue with BEL which is an English class.
the whole class were suppose to present something on PRONOUNS and we did.
but it was chaotic.
everyone was not prepared including me.
but luckly my group did ok.
owh i didn't inform where the class is..
the BEL class is in PERDA which we have to take UiTM's bus to go to class.
PERDA's class is located outside of the campus.

then after BEL in PERDA, I took the bus back to campus and rushed to my room and got changed to kitchen outfit.
yeay kitchen day.
but the outfit was too big for me. 
then Marie,Hassan,Hisyam and i had lunch at the khemah in front of LP(tayah tau la LP tu apa)
there are a lot of stalls at the khemah. 

at 4pm, the 4 of us rushed to the kitchen which is located at level one in FPHP(my faculty).
the class started and the bleeding starts.
we started the class with vegetables cutting.. 
it was so hard.
the terms used are so hard to memorize.

at 8pm.
finally the class ended.
so now we're done..
balik tido & makan!!

update nanti yaaa baaa.

Till the next post

Tata for now XOXO

Sunday, July 5, 2009

When orientation and birthday collides

sabtu lps ak register UiTM.
ingtkan register all out tp tgk2 register hostel ja.
register fakulti esok tu hari ahad.

orientation gila kot.
penat,tension,ngantok,saket hati & badan.
hari rabu 1july09 b'day ak.
so ak celebrate b'day ak dkt campus.
sbb org baru kenal pas 2 xkan nak pi bilik ke bilik paksa diorg wish kot.
ak diam ja la xkata papa.. 
tp kwn2,cousins n family wish la.. so ok la dr xdk papa..

30june09 kami km hbs activity pkoi 12mlm. 
lps tu ak pi toilet nk basoh baju pa suma dh pkoi 2pg.
kami plak time tu nk kn bgn pkoi 3pg sbb apa ntah.
senior nk denda kami sbb pa ntah. ak pn xambk kesah
so ak cpt la tdo.
smpt la tdo sejam.
penat sehh!!
lps 2 bekumpul kat laman hostel.
tgk2 kena bt pumping.
bykkan pumping time2 subuh.
dgn dh siap pakai dgn baju formal sbb lps subuh tros start activity xleh naik bilik dh.
pumping la dgn baju formal..

tgk ms lunch Acap(course-mate) wish b'day kat ak.
ak pelik la mcm mn dia tau b'day ak bila padahal baru ja kenal 2hari..
ak tny dia mcm mn dia tau.
dia kata dia check kat eBay..
merapu dh Acap nie..
so xpa la thanks Acap!!

lps 2 mlm 1july09 pn pumping la.. tatau la pasai apa byk sgt pumping..
so blog nie nk story la ak celebrate b'day ak mcm mn...
kesian ms b'day kena dera..
b'day present were the pumpings and tiredness.
nnt la ak cita lg apa yg jadi dkt UiTM. 
now ak ngntok nk tdoq.
bye bye!

Till the next post

Tata for now