Wednesday, September 30, 2009

In Class

Wednesday(30thOct) :
In class and this class is getting harder and harder. Why i can online is because i've done my thing and waiting for those who haven't. I'm good aren't I.. hehe We're in Computer Application class and we're learning how to key-in data using Microsoft Access. This is not easy as I think it is. Just to let you blog readers know about it. For the record,I'm early to this class today and the lecturer was shocked cause i was in the class before she was. Yeay I'm good. Thanks to my friends who woke me up. Now the temperature of the class is like hot desert and I'm wearing sweater.. *krink krink krink*

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Saturday, September 26, 2009



I don't feel the Raya mood and i don't know why. Talked to Shazwan about it and said that in future, we human beings might celebrate Raya by going on vacations and such. Maybe it's because if the time change and the world is modernized by updated technologies and trends. But overall, Raya was great. Duit Raya?? not that much, but can still survive. LOL!! 


1st day Raya - Raya morning and it's time for photo session!!

My family photo ( Raya '09 )

Maksu's family

Me after family shoot.

After Raya morning photo session...

Went for Starbucks right after photo session 

Clueless sight

Blurry texting face

As usual, blank!!!

2nd day Raya - went out with Shazwan for lunch at Chili's

What Shazwan ordered

What i ordered. I didn't finish it after only a few bites. 

p/s : Now i think u readers know how i celebrated my Raya. It's not so bad but not that much of          fun like it used to be. 

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Saturday, September 19, 2009


Thursday : 

The story continues.. 
The day i did my hair,i went out shopping with my 2 dear friends,Hisyam and Alida. Alida's cousins Hazira and Nabilah tag along with us and we had a wonderful time. I went to a hair sallon and did my hair. This is a picture of my new hair but i don't think it's clear enough, but it's OK as long as i post a picture of my new look. 

Picture of my new look

We toured Queensbay Mall and left for airport to send Hisyam as he's so excited to go home and forced us to send him to the airport earlier than the time he was suppose to check-in. But unfortunately we didn't capture any picture while we were at the airport. Sorry Hisyam, but i have pictures of us at Queensbay Mall. Here are the photos.

This is Hisyam with his bluetooth-less iPhone.

Them at an accessories store in QBay.

Shopping and talking at the same time. What a combination.

Talk shop and having fun. That's what we do best.

After sending Hisyam at the airport,Alida asked whether i could drive her to UiTM to take her student ID card and account booklet and such so i said yes. Arrived at campus and took Hazira and Nabilah for a tour of our 'beloved' campus and Alida took her stuff and we drove bak to Island but we took the ferry instead the bridge. Since the jetty is near to their kampung. on the ferry we took photos and got splashed by the see water and our hair got messed up by the wind. 

On the way to UiTM.

L-R : Me,Nabilah,Hazira and Alida

Goofing around with phone camera

Diving to UiTM

Me and Alida while at a traffic light. SEMPAT LAGI WOO!!

Alida snap,i drive. OMG!!

Chillin on the ferry

Alida,Hazira and Nabilah. Wind is like tornado,just look at Nabilah's hair. 

Me and Alida the toots

Chillin with my dear friend Alida

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-New Hair-

Thursday : 

Picked Hisyam up from jetty Penang and drove to Kg. Syed in Pulau Tikus to fetch Alida and 2 of her cousins Hazira and Nabilah as we planned to shop together and we went to Queensbay Mall. Alida,Hazira and Nabilah shopped and Hisyam followed me to a hair saloon cause it's been a while since the last haircut. So we saw this one hair saloon and it was cheap, we went in and sat at the chair looking at some magazines about hairstyles and colors. I decided to give the responsibilities to the stylist cause im too lazy to think what style suits me. So he cut my hair the he dyed my hair. i choose dark brown to cover up my grey hairs but turns out it doesn't cover much. i love the color but i just don't like the haircut after he style it. But Hisyam and others said it was nice,so if they say it's nice and nice it is. Pictures of my new hair. 

On the chair waiting for the stylist

Cutting my hair while i was sms-ing

Coloring my hair and me taking pictures of myself

In the middle of coloring my hair and again, me snaping photo of myself

My hair is almost done yippi!!

p/s : will post picture of my new hair in the next post.

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Before Raya Still at Campus

Wednesday :

This is the day where everyone at campus start to go back home for Raya holidays. Me and my friends wanna 'bukak puasa' together before everyone balik. So after class on Wednesday,we ordered and reserved Nasik Goreng from MakTam, owner of SeleraIbu which is located beside our campus. Went to MakTam's after KESATRIA and our orderd were late. Bukak puasa lambat lagi!! Food that day pulak not so KABOOM. We ate,paid and off to NeverDie, Nasik Goreng restaurant opposite MakTam's which people say have the best service and great food. So on Wednesday,we went to 2 Nasik Goreng restaurants and we ate 2 Nasik Goreng. Here are some pictures taken at MakTam's.

L-R : Juf,Harith and Hisyam at MakTam's

Juf and Harith waiting for FOOD!!

Near camera to the end : Me,Hassan,*Alida's friend* and Farisha

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Wednesday :
Quiz and speaking test.
Quiz is at 8am and i didn't wake up and didn't go to class. i was panic and was not able to do anything. So i guess i hjust have to accept the fact that i might fail this CSC class. i woke up and get ready for the speaking test which is held at Perda class. This speaking test is done as a group and there were 4 in a group. Me,Fify,Alida and Hassan. The test went smoothly and to me we did great cause there's no 'moment of silent' like every other group had. So thank to God for that. After the speaking test i took UiTM's bus and straight to campus as i have meeting to attend to and the meeting is about one of our faculty's club. Done with the meeting and off to my lecturer's room to explain about the quiz thinggie and she said ok and i did the quiz in front of her. I was freaking out at that time cause im doing the quiz in front of my lecturer and the truth is i did some revision but not enough. So i wrote crappy stuff on the quiz paper and the lecturer laugh at me cause my answers are silly.. i apologize to her and left. Now im at Computer lab with Alida surfing the internet while waiting for our 'beloved' KESATRIA activity.
So the moral of the story is,
1 ) make sure there's someone to wake you up in the morning.
2 ) apologize to someone if you know that what you did is wrong.
3 ) relax in any kind of situation.
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Monday : 

My friends and I were in class and were discussing on when to bukak puasa with our English lecturer,Ms.Nazifah. Finally we agreed to bukak puasa at Kapitan Perda on the same day. As everyone has agreed,i call Ms.Nazifah to inform her about our plan and she said OK. After class at 6.30pm,my friends and i rushed to Kapitan and sat there waiting for Ms.Nazifah and ordered everything. After bukak puasa,Ms.Nazifah has to make a move because she has class. After that, all of us went to Aeon City Perda and bought our dessert, McD's McFlurry and we went back to campus with happy and satisfied stomach. All of us were happy and enjoyed the dinner with Ms.Nazifah,the cool lecturer. 

p/s : i will upload pictures taken soon after i take it from my friend cause i don't capture any                
       photos with my phone. 

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Monday, September 14, 2009


Friday,Saturday & Sunday :

I was in KL these 3days. It was great and i had so much fun. Met my dear friend Melanie and we had a blast and everything went as planned. All i can say is that this trip was sooooo cool because i went there alone without parents and i didn't stay at my aunt's and i was only with my friends. Stayed at a friend's. I'm so grown up right now. Yeay!! feel like going on a backpack trip now.. Malacca i think. Miss the Jonker Street's laksa and cendol and miss Malacca's otak-otak. Hope i have the time and chance to go backpacking with my friends to Malacca.


p/s : sorry i didn't capture any photos when i was in KL.

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Friday, September 11, 2009


Thursday : 

The day with 2 tests and mock on english speaking test and the day i planned to hand-in our group assignment. So as u all know,i haven't slept since Wednesday( the day i try to finish up my assignment ) and on thursday morning, my class is at 8am and i went to class but i didn't wash up. Should i explain more?? Then after class i rushed back to my dorm and try to take a short nap, so i did. Only for few minutes but it turns out to be an hour. The next class is at 12pm and the class is not really a class,it's a test. The first test and it was Hospitality. The test is at 12pm but i woke up from my nap at 11.45am. I was late n haven't bathe. Woke up and straight to toilet and bathe. Get dressed and ran all the way to the UiTM's bus stop. In the bus, all in my mind was i have to repeat this Hospitality class or i'll fail this test. When I arrived at the class,everyone has started the test and i was the only one who is late. I was so ashamed of myself since i'm the class representative and i behave like this,late to class and etc. The lecturer gave me the question paper and he didn't ask why am i late,so i guess i have no explanation to do. Thank God!! Done with my Hospitality paper and off to my next class,CTU ( kelas agama ) which is located just beside the Hospitality class. This time i was early. LOL. Kelas agama pun nak buat test jugak. The test was ok and after the test,Ustaz continue with presentation from 2groups which was given the topic weeks ago. The presentation went smoothly and everyone at the front seats paid their attention but the back seats was not and i was one of the peeps at the back seats. hahaha. These are a few pictures captured by me to show u blog readers the situation in the class during the presentation and what we were doing at the back seats.

presenters presenting 1

presenters presenting 2

presenters presenting 3

presenters presenting 4

presenters presenting 5

back seaters

front seaters and the back seaters

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

What A Group

continuation from the ASSIGNMENTS!!! post..

Wednesday :
i decided to TRY to complete my HTF assignment and called every group members to tag along and finish up the assignment as the assignment due Friday. One didn't show up because he's having some problems that requires him to be at his cousin's house. So that's fine by me. Now only left me and the other two hooligans which I don't think they will co-operate since the night before, they have been surfing the net during the discussion and when I asked them to focus on the assignment, the reason was "relax la weh internet kan slow macam mana nak cari info". So that's fine if they blame the connection because it's true anyway. The internet connection here really bitching-off. So today i assume they will try to do something, but turns out the same thing repeats. Internet connection slows down and we started to watch movies on lappies. After a few hours the connection is back and i told them to find some extra information for the assignment but they did not. Then now they went off just like that without finishing the assignment and I'm doing this by myself without no ones help. I should get extra credit for my effort on finishing the assignment and basically in my opinion i should get all of their marks cause I'm doing this by myself. I'm doing this not because of them but for me. I want to complete my job fast and i want to get full marks for it. 

I've been told by my other friends to just complete and hand-up the assignment on time and when my group members asked whether I have completed the assignment and i will answer "NO, i haven't done it.. You guys were relaxing,and i want that as well." 
I want them to panic and get busy. I want them to taste their own medicine. 

the frustrated facial of mine

NOTE : torture people who is trying to take advantage for your kindness. 

Sorry mak i have to do this!!

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Now i'm at UiTM's study room and trying to do my assignments. I completed one assignment, Computer Application(CSC202) last week and thought it is a good one,but it turned to be otherwise. So, i have to redo the assignment from the scratch. This sucks! Done with the past,now comes the present. This is still about my assignment but this time it's a group assignment. Got the Food Hygiene(HTF110) weeks ago and trying to complete it as soon as possible with my groupie. We sat on the chair and opened our lappies and started to search for information that is relevant to our chosen topic. Searched for few minutes but everyone gave up since the assignment is confusing us group members. Everyone started to log in into myspace,facebook and i logged in to my blog. This sucks! When can we finish this assignment and when can i have my time to redo my Computer Application(CSC202) assignment?? Hope can finish the assignments on time. Pray for me. Assignments are not that easy. * sigh *


Saturday, September 5, 2009


tu dia dh start malas nk blogging..
brapa lama dh tak update. 
yea la dekat campus nk online sket punya susah..
internet connection slalu tak dapat then kat study room sentiasa penuh.
since study room saja yg bole dapat good connection..
tak pa la now i don't have story to tell.
but i will keep my blog updated. 
no worries i'll be back with updates. 

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