Sunday, February 28, 2010

Espuento Laparteo

Nak balik tapi assignment tak siap lagi. I'll try to finish it then pack my things and go back home. Nak travel back and forth. Pressure macam nie bole affect friendship between us housemates. So since my house is nearby, why not I just stay at for for a few days until things are getting better.

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Size S

Wow I went jogging just now and it's refreshing. Ok from now on, I'm going jogging insyaAllah 5times per week. This is to prepare myself mentally and physically for 2010 Penang Bridge Run. My maksu had been asking me to join her for the past 2years and now I'm trying my hardest to join the run. I want to keep myself fit and hot. :) I want to lose 8kgs like my friend Aiman did. I want to be able to wear a size S tees and shirts. This post is to motivate myself to achive my goals which is to be slim,fit and hot.. Gambateh!!!

Lovely Saturday :)

Woke up at around 10am.. Update my Twitter and facebook. Did my laundry since the whether is windy and sunny. While waiting for the machine to stop spinning, cleaned the house a little bit, and when the machine stops, hang it under the sun. Went out with my homies to 'tapau' our lunch. Done eating, again to my iPod to update my Twitter,facebook and now blogging :) later I'm doing my assignment but by bit then before sun down, I'm going for a jog around my neighbourhood.. What a day full with beneficial things :)

Movie Day

Us the homies went for a movie today. Niyang Rapik. No good. Done one assignment and now continue doing another assignment. Me myself not sure how many more assignments have to be completed. I'm blogging using my iPod and that's why it easy for me to blog anytime cause I don't have to waste my time switching my laptop on and log in to my blogspot account. So now I'm done with blogging and off to my assignment. Sheesshhh how I hate assignments. :(

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Going :($&@@;;&({^£?

Penang is even hotter than before.. My house is like an oven during the day and sometimes during night time. Burning of fat is occured everyday :)

This week can be considered as among the busiest week I've ever had in my 18years 7months of my life.. Assignments have to be completed in short amount of time and to add some spices to the curry, tests is coming and final exam is just around the corner. I don't know whether I should be happy? honoured having this kind of life? rush here and there? relax and calm myself or what? Mixed emotions here.. Sigh!!

Now I'm working on an assignment and it's hard as a solid rock. Hmmm trying to adapt with my busy schedule and note, it's not easy doing that :(

P/s : aaarrrrgggghhh *screaming my lungs out* I hate busy life but sometimes I get used to it and love being busy rather than sit back and doing nothing, except for when I'm at home(family) or semester break :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

FAT break!!

When holiday starts, that's when I get fat :( I can really indulge and enjoy my food.. Great appetite huh? Now I'm gaining weight like hell and I need to lose it a.s.a.p. Jogging and playing badminton with my friends after the break is over :) yeayyy!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Spring Roll morning :)

Semalam nampak kulit popia kat dalam fridge, then aku tros kata kat mak aku suro beli carrot n sengkuang.. Bangun tadi pagi tros masok dapor buat spring roll. Yeayy jadi tapi dapat sikit ja. Sorry tak dapat post gambar spring roll aku sbb tak snappy snap snap. Tapi memang sedap. Acecece pujo diri sendiri woo. Sapa lagi nak pujo kalo bukan diri sendiri. Hehe so that's all for now :)


When I'm home I expect to sleep in my room alone, but somehow there's a friend that has been staying here long enough shifted to my room from my brother's. FYI, this friend is a friend of brother. I'm getting annoyed from time to time but trying my hardest to ignore the annoying-ness. He had made my room into so called 3in1 bedroom.

1) a room to sleep
2) an entertainment room where he watches movies from his lappie
3) DINING room. ???

He took whole pack of bread and a bottle of peanut butter spread w butter knife and also a bottle of water. Now as I'am trying to sleep, he went down to the real dining room and took a plate of rice with all the 'lauk' my mum had cooked earlier up to my room and eat it while watching movie. Food in someone else's room? Where's u're manner dude.

Dah la menumpang bilik orang, kalau 3-4 hari nak buat macam bilik sendiri takpa la jugak, nie sampai bebulan? Common u should know better and plus, u rented a house with ur friends. Go and stay with them. If u have problems with them, work it out like a mature adult, don't just run away from it.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Semester Break Plans

What can i do for this semester break?
Valentine's day? I have no one to go out for dinner with.
i spent my Valentine going to kenduri with my family.
My family is my lover.
Love them to death.

So this semester break only a few appointments have been confirmed.
Monday - Pasembor with my cousins.
Wednesday - Either going out with Iqbal or ModeSociety for shoot.
the next weekend would be dinner with my family.

That's all for now..
You people have any plans for this semester break that u'd like to share??

Till the next post

Tata for now XOXO

- TTYL -

Friday, February 12, 2010

Semester Break!!

Semester break for a week!! Yeayyy!! Packing now and will be leaving for Penang Central at 9.30pm. My housemates has gone back except for me and Harith. Even though my house is not far from my college, I remain at the house accompanying Harith. What friends are for. Tired and continue packing after this. Bye ang Happy CNY!!