Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Plans

Few days back,me and Awan planned to go swimming this coming Wednesday which is 28th May and was thinking of inviting Elly, Aiman, Raz and we did.. 2 days before the day that we were suppose to go swimming, i got a YM message from Aiman saying that Raz cannot join us for swimming. So its fine by me and we still gonna go on with what we've planned only without Raz. So,me and Awan were excited because we were thinking to do an underwater photoshoot since Aiman owns an underwater digital camera. Elly as usual always ask us the same question.. 

''Apa yang Kak Elly nak pakai huh nanti nak pi swim??''.

 The three of us laughed and told her not to wear two piece bikini.. Then she said 

'' OK lah Kak Elly nak pakai suit yang tak expose sgt...''

So i guess that's what she's gonna where. Then i read a post in FACEBOOK saying that elly doesn't want to go swimming the i got a text from Awan telling me that she doesn't want to go because the suit does not fit her anymore. So now the swimming plan is cancelled and we made a new plan immediately and the four of us agreed on going for a photoshoot. So this time,i hope the plan will go on just fine as planned and now we're discussing about whose car are we gonna use.. It's either Aiman's or mine.. 

To know whether the plan is on or not, where did we go, what did we do and whose car did we used, all i can say is, u have to wait for the next post and i'll be tell u blog readers all about it. 

Till the next post 

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Friday, May 22, 2009


YEAY DAPAT UITM!! But i was hoping for UITM Puncak Alam as i was told, but turns out, I have to say Hi to UITM Permatang Pauh.. Dok syok dapat UITM Puncak Alam tengok2 dapat Seberang ja?? hadooo.. Dah dok ready mentally nak pi study jauh dari rumah tengok2 dapat dekat dengan rumah. Apa kehe nya nie?? 

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Gaga-ish Party!!

I was not able to attend the party because i was sick. All i can say is SAYANGNYA TAK BOLE PI!! Saket punya pasai xpi la party of the month.. HUHU.. So now, by watching all the photos taken during the party, i feel so 'hmm'(Can't think a word to describe my feelings). So i guess i have to get over it. Everyone had fun and fun can't wait for me.  I have to deal with the pain of thinking about the party and looking at the photos taken. Talked to Aiman Syazwan and we'll be doing a party with a new theme. A Masquerade party perhaps?? Halloween?? Where everyone have to dress up like they do on halloween. Arrgghhh when can this happen again.. This time i have to attend the party no matter what unless someone dies.. LOL kidding. Elly, Aiman's sister posted a comment to my facebook profile and said that the next party i have to attend it or else she'll kill me.. haha. So now i'm still in pain and trying my hardest to get over it. Hope everything will go on just fine as planned.. 

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Thursday, May 21, 2009


Kris Allen?? OMG.. It was a shocking result because Adam Lambert got the crowd go wild and Kris took the crown?? what the heck is going on?? Tapi OK la both finalist deserved it. Both of them were great with their performances last night. So i guess Kris ok la but Adam should have won!! Damn it. I was shocked when Ryan announced the winner. 

**Tapa la Kris pon ok.. So we'll see how he do it in future. 


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Waa Saket!!

Semalam bangun badan rasa saket dan saket tekak. Pi jmpk Doc,Doc kata ada demam sket so dia bagi ubat. Balik rumah tengok tv la main laptop sat then makan ubat tros landing kat atas katil. Ari nie bangun demam ok sket tapi kerongkong still saket. Makan ubat landing lagi 2jam. Bangun ingat ok la nak pi BBQ Gagalicious, pi la dapoQ nak bt makan nak bawak pi BBQ. Tapi last minute badan saket balik,tekak pn saket balik. So sms kat fatiah kata aku tak bole join.. BBQ nie Aiman Syazwan yang organize tapi SORRY la Aiman i can't attend the BBQ. 

So now I'm watching American Idol final performance. Adam Lambert VS Kris Allen. Both of em have amazing voice, so its hard to say who will be crown the as the 8th American Idol. By watching both of their performances and critics and the fans, I think Adam will win this competition. 


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Sunday, May 17, 2009


I'm bored as hell. There's nothing better for me to do besides online and listening to music. MALAS LA MAU TURON TENGOK TV. now im on my cousin's laptop. Logged on into youtube and listens to Beyonce's songs and blogging at the same time.. When can i get my own laptop?? Bole la i online blogging without being kicked out from my parents room because the PC is in their room.

Dah la bored as hell,lapaQ la pulak.. Hadoo. Gemok then dok menggemokkan lagi diri ini.. boleh dikatakan xdak guna la pi gym. Haha.. Tp at least now i have a few muscles here and there.. Haha. Hot la gak kan dari fat.. haha

I'm bored!!

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Nak Tengok TV

I'm so bored and when I am, TV is my bestfriend.. But now my grandma is at home, she'll be holding the remote to herself almost the whole day. I need my bestfriend.. My grandma will watch this lame-o malay dramas.. Haishh so jiwang and typical malay style drama. Not that i don't watch malay programs but those dramas that she watches make my BULU KETIAK go crazy. LOL.. 

Me too want to watch me program!!! When is my turn???

Till the next post

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Hari yang sungguh Annoying

Hari nie aku bangun pukol 1.30pm. Aku keluar bilik dan teros ke tv,hampeh suma cita boring. Tapi dah xtau apa nak buat aku tengok jugak la.. Pukol 3pm ak mandi dan teros ke gym untuk meng-HOT kan diriku. 
Aku pulang dari gym pada pukol berapa aku tatau dan semasa dalam keta,aku call Yaya kawanku yang gila. 
aku : Wei ya ak bole kot pi rumah hang nak antaq guitar ang??
yaya: Orite i'll be waiting for u!!

Aku start enjin dan tros pulang nak ambik guitar Yaya.
Aku sampai rumah tros masok ambik guitar Yaya dgn kasot aku pun xbukak nak cepat punya pasai. Dah ambik nak pi macam2 la punya dok jadi kat jalan.. Orang drive slow la xbagi signal light la.. Punya la dok buat dosa kat dalam keta tu sorang2 dok maki.. Hahaha. Bila dah sampai kat rumah Yaya,dia pun keluaq rumah masok keta aku teroih pederas minyak punyak paddle. Kami pi pebaik tali guitar Yaya dekat Yamaha BJ sebab abg aku kasi putus then buat dunno..
Bila dah sampai dekat Yamaha Yaya dok cakap dgn uncle tu aku dok bau aroma diriku yang baru balik dari gym.. Huhuhu MAK DATOK punya bau!! Aku pun bawak diri keluaq. Lepas tu panas bediri dekat luaq aku pun masok balik bau aku dah xkesah.. Tengok uncle tu pebaik guitar Yaya punya la kasar macam pebaik pakai hammer. Layan pun macam xmau layan.. Aku dgn Yaya dok mengumpat dah pasai uncle nie depan dia. OK la suma dah siap kami pun chow.  Issshhh saket mata la colour nie sat tukaq color.. ok?? back to the story. Kami balik dah hantaq Yaya dekat rumah dia aku pun drive balik la dengan penat,ngantoks dan laparrrrr.. Aku sampai rumah aku xmandi lagi,aku tengok tv pulak.. Haha dgn aroma!! Aku pun tengok tv sampai la pukoi 7.30pm... Time tu baru ak teringat American idol result sapa yang nanti masok final ada malam nie.. So aku pun tunggu la sampai American Idol start pukoi 8pm.. Finally result yang mashuuukkk... Can't wait till final to see who will be crown the 8th American Idol. I hope its Adam Lambert because his vocal is just uuukkkhhh amazing.. So habis tengok AI baru la ak u pi mandi.. Lepas mandi aku pun on PC nak check email n bla bla bla.. As i was checking my mail i saw Awan,Yaya,Fizah,Fatiah and Aiza appeared to be on9.. So i catted with them for few hours with my peeps.. Since i'm using my mail to chat with them,so i cannot join them in the conference room. I was so annoyed that i was left out from the conference. Tapi nak buat macam mana dah xbole nak install ym sebab PC yang aku guna bukan PC biasa.. Aku guna iMAC,hanya bapak ku reti meng-INSTALL.. So what to do,i have to deal with it.. After a few hours chatting i decided to sign out because im exhausted. So i signed out and shut down the PC. Thought of going to bed but im not sleepy,im just exhausted. Was searching for something else to do but can't find one so i switch the PC back on and started blogging.. Aku blog punya blog aku lupa time dah pukol 1.22am. So aku rasa aku mau chow. Esok kalo aku free aku post la blog lagi.. 

p/s : Why i posted the title of this blog ' Hari yang sungguh Annoying ' kerana aku               xbole masok conference kat YM and aku tension dgn blog sebab xreti nak                     handle.. Naseb baek ada Fatiah dgn Awan tolong aku.. Kalo xmampos aku.

and another p/s : hope u guys don't mind with the changes in language.. Sat2                                                 melayu sat2 english.. I guess im too comfortable with both                                                   languages and i tend to mix everything up.

Till the next post 
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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Post pertama khu

Yello semua, ini post pertama khu jadi daku tidak tahu untuk post apa deh.. akhu introduce aja noh diri khu ini. Adil Bin Ridzuan adalah anak kedua Ridzuan Bin Ismail dan Khadijah Bt Puteh yang dilahirkan pada 1july91. Daku mempunyai seorang abang yang ROCK dan diberi nama Alif Bin Ridzuan dan dilahirkan pada 4mac86. Hemmm what else can i talk about now?? I have no idea so maybe u guys have to wait for my next post. I'll update my blog from time to time. TILL THE NEXT POST!! 

tata for now XOXO