Monday, September 27, 2010

Miss me?? 0_o

Fuh lama tak update blog. Been really busy with assignments and events. Boleh dikatakan everyday lepas cuti raya kerja kerja nonstop.. Penat woo.. Now I'm blogging at Adventist Hospital Penang. I'm hospitalised due to growth of infection on my back. Met Doc this morning and he said it needs to be removed to kami apa lagi, ON ja la dengan procedurenya. Sangat scary! Operation is in few hours but bilik tak siap siap lagi! I need to rest my mind now!

Monday, August 23, 2010

I can't take back what I've said or undo what I've done. But the only thing I can do now is to apologize. Sorry for everything. I know things will never be the same but both of us need to realize that both of us are the foundation of a good friendship. What else can I do to make this better?

p/s : I miss the old us :(

Sunday, August 22, 2010

hari sakit-sakit sedunia..

Semalam 1st time sakit kepala tahap chronic! Buat apa saja sure sakit kepala. Dari bangun pagi sampai nak tidor malam sakit.. Hari ni tak sakit kepala dah tapi sakit tekak and telinga.. :(

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Positive Day suddenly.. :)

I'm trying to be strong. Getting rid all the negative feelings in me. I'm doing this ensure my future with friends will become normal like we used to during 1st semester. Hoping until i see the results. The ones that can't change, I don't give a damn but the ones that will change and make effort to change, I'll love them forever. Up to this moment, I sensing some positive changes in one of my friends. Hope it'll keep on improving and the level of changes increase. The most important thing now is that, I'm going back home this Friday! Not gonna hang out here in Mainland :D Island people, do u miss me?? :) That's all for now, gonna get ready for meeting -> class hunt -> serving class!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mak & Bapak, nak balik!!! nak ulang alik ja... :( takmau takmau.. tak boleh tahan. I'm invincible here and not appreciated. Memang focus on study tapi benda ni ada kat keliling, so lari la pi mana pon. Can i?? ;(

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I can't stand this anymore :(

I want to travel back and forth from my house to campus. I don't wanna stay here in Seberang. Every minute i feel like smacking someone's head and furthermore, I don't feel appreciated after what I've done here. People start to be selfish, back stabbing and use me for their own benefits. They call for my help whenever they're in trouble or need to do something. But when they don't, they'll act as if I'm not there. Is this they way friends should act? Is this the way friends should treat their friend? I may not be the most perfect person living here but at least i don't take advantage of people, i don't blame people for my own mistakes and i don't boss people around unless the situation ask me too. I feel as if I don't have friends here. Luckily Faizal and my seniors are with me. I don't feel the sameway like what i felt about my friends during 1st semester. Now they're different! It's better if i just transfer to other campus or to another college, KDU!

Before registering to UiTM, me and my family were discussing of signing me in to KDU for Culinary Arts programme but turns out, i was offered Hotel Management by UiTM so to make things easy and to safe cost, I registered myself in UiTM and that's the beginning of suffer.

1st semester : happy, friends are happy. Life is everything. Enjoying every moment of my life in UiTM.

2nd semester : problems start. Assignment, friends sulking and beginning to be selfish.

3rd semester : I think this semester is the worst! I hate it now.. I don't think i can go on. I'm not strong enough to face this alone. I have to make decisions..

4th,5th semester : not sure what's gonna happen next. Hope it'll be better and friends will act like a friend should act *hoping*

6th semester : luckily I'm out for internship :D

Decisions i have to make : 1. whether or not to discuss my problems with my friends or not
2. I should move out? Travel back and forth from home to campus?
or just remain where I'am now??

Pretty tough ones, I know! Considering all my housemates which are also my classmates of what they're gonna say if I move out. How am i going to explain everything? Why growing up is hard? I need a break from all this.

Mak & Bapak, take me to Bali to calm my mind down please :(

p/s : FML!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Orang Lupa Diri

Bila nak something baru nak buat baik kan?? Apasai perangai nak kena macam tu?? Is that what we call friends? Kalau dia yang kena responsible dan2 nak awal la buat baik la apa la, tapi bila bukan dia yang kena responsible? TAIK!! Lambat tu memang hobi, kurang ajar memang wajib, tak respect tu.... what goes around comes around (karma).. take note people! sapa terasa better change your attitude before it's too late. I'm not saying i'm the best or anything but at least i have respect for others and for myself. THINK!