Saturday, July 31, 2010


who think that being in a relationship with your classmate is complicated? who think otherwise? comment and give reason for your answer. I'm not talking about me. I'm curious about all these. Want opinion.. Thanks and appreciate much.. kisses :D

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


sangat stress bila surrounded with amateurs! They just can't change themselves. They can't be considerate! It's a shame to those people. I wonder where do they come from? Mars? Pluto? One word, NARROW-MINDED! Besides that, is it hard to help other people when they need one? I think I've sacrifice everything to help them but they can't return the favor. Is it? is it? I all ways wish that i can hit their head against the wall but I still love them.

friends or strangers!?

kawan ka lawan? aku nie kalau betol-betol la benda nie jadi, dah lama aku mati sebab rasa macam ramai ja yang tikam belakang aku for no reason. What i did wrong? These kind of people should not be living in this world. Depan nampak baik tapi belakang,elok punya dok perli aku, dok kutok aku kat orang lain. Regret knowing you backstabbers!

Monday, July 26, 2010


I don't think i can juggle anymore :( It's too depressing! It's a huge responsible for me as a representative for my class. I want to go home. Too tired with my schedule and i need time off. Seriously, I'm tired! I can go mad if these things go on for the rest of my life.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Account sangat susah!






Friday, July 23, 2010

Boring tahap gaban!

Petang nie ada meeting Entrepreneurship club and aku kena present proposal yang aku dah buat. It's going to be hard since I haven't checked with any resorts for the accommodations and what activity we'll be doing there. Now i need to settle my account assignment given yesterday 1st, then off to my proposal planning then tomorrow if God wills, I'm going to Teluk Intan with Faizal and to Teluk Batik to survey all the activities that can be done there and accommodations and stuff. This is only it for now, will update more in future. Thanks for reading people. Aaahhhh i forgot, my presentation was REJECTED due to lack of points and sentences are too long for an outline. Will present again on next Monday.

My Thursday

Today(Thursday) I have 3 classes. 2 classes at Perda and one is at campus.. The one that is at campus was Serving practical class and now it's 12.40am(Friday) and i just arrived home around 20minutes ago!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Crap Articles Search!

Found a bunch of articles past few days but some can be used and some can't. Now,me & Faizal are browsing thru the net again trying to find more articles about obesity, the cause of obesity in malaysia to be specific. The criteria for the articles are, it has to have title, date of the article produced or published and author of the article and not in point form. Until now, I manage to find articles that have only title, date and author. Why is it hard to find the correct articles? I want this presentation to be done by tonight and I have doubt about it :(

Ayat Faizal :D

kita susah sama-sama!
Please, anyone who's reading this post and have my contact number, please call me or send a text reminding me to call UNICEF about my carnival and resorts in Teluk Batik for entrepreneurship's trip :) appreciate it much.. Thanks and muchachas!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hell's Kitchen

Me,Hisyam & Harith just arrived home from our 'Hell's Kitchen'! It was tiring 0_o Now,waiting for my other housemate, Faizal, to continue with our English presentation which we're not sure whether we'll be presenting tomorrow or Friday but just to be prepared, we're going to complete the slide show by Thursday. After we're done with English slides presentation, we'll proceed with our f&b Accounting's homework,which we don't even understand how to do it :-\ How are we suppose to do if we don't understand? I'm not on the same page with my lecturer, he's too fast. Fast as in, he talks fast and he taught us in class like we're a bunch of robots with photographic memory with 32Gb memory card. Don't you think it's crazy? If we ask, he'll like

"kan saya dah cakap tadi, u kena buat macam nie then tambah dengan yang ini.."

tak syok dah nak tanya lepas tu :(
Tomorrow will be another day!

Hell of a Day!

This morning was ECO and HTH which means economic and f&b account. It was hell! Economic was confusing but f&b account was a bumpy road to hell 0_o I'm scared that I'll fail this paper with what color? Can i choose my own color? HAHAHA.. Tonight after kitchen practical class, me and Faizal need to complete two things, finish up my English slides for Thursday presentation and Account's homework which must hand in on Thursday. Now, all i want is food! I'm hungry! At 10.30am I had a slice of roti canai and that's it. I want at least bread X( I'm starving like hell here!

Monday, July 19, 2010

While Waiting for French Class

I'm waiting for my last class for today which is french. French is not easy! Hard to understand and hard to catch up. I hate French class but I love learning languages :D therefore, forced myself to attend all of Mr.Cheng's class. Yes, my French lecturer is chinese and also a teacher at Penang Free School teaching God knows what subject. Nowadays, UiTM is damn boring and life in UiTM is getting harder and what I call it in malay "meluat".. This is due to my tight schedule and I'm trying to juggle my time to fit in all my appointments and I'm trying to attend all meetings so that I won't miss anything. Like what have been said by my senior, Abg Iylia "at the end of 3rd semester,u can join the circus team as professional ball juggler because u had successfully juggle ur time during ur 3rd semester". Cool words always come from his mouths, such as "if no mistake being done, the world is too perfect! ".. kannn. Thanks Abg Iylia for all ur words that make me stronger in mind. How I wish everyone thinks like him and don't give up.. That's all for now :)


Please! Why things are getting more complicated? 3rd semester is making me wanna book a flight ticket and fly away to somewhere peaceful and come back when the semester ends! I just hate it. Everyone is busy with their work, assignments and all but if i can do it with less complains, why can't you? Giving up so soon just because of tight schedule? You'll regret it in future. Handle pressure professionally, deal it like an adult will deal. You'll be busier when u start working! I'm tired motivating people to finish up their work but in the end, I guess you're just not motivated. Done! Thanks! New chapter :-\

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Work-Out Day!

Work-out day kat FF with Shu & Sara! treadmill for 25minutes then off doing weights and all. Then, joined bodyvive work-out and it was awesome but hard to catch up for a first-timer like me :D Habis bodyvive, gym pun tutup and before chow, mandi dulu kat changing room yang sangat shantek!


YES I'm dieting but I still can eat. Whenever I say " I'm hungry ", people will say " diet adil! ". Gila pa diet tak makan. At least tanya la dulu whether aku dah makan ka belum and if dah makan baru la kata " diet adil ", tapi nie tak! If " I'm hungry " keluar ja teros kata diet, padahal aku tak makan apa-apa pun lagi. Tension! Yes i admit, i eat a lot, tapi i can enjoy eating too but i only have to control the intake of food la. Now I'm cutting down my intake of food into half and still they said it's a lot. Can't you people see that I'm trying my hardest here? Please understand my situation! yes it's a motivation and support but not until i can't eat at all. Please! sheesshh. Yea and one more thing, it's not like I don't exercise! I eat and I exercise, sometimes even more than u do and finally, doesn't mean that you're slim and slander doesn't mean that you're healthy!


Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Hell of a Day

Yesterday was a chaos. Why? After meeting with Ms.Emily(English lect) Faizal & I went back home then, I took the car to Celcom center in Seberang Jaya. Filled forms and got my Celcom simcard but still using Maxis until i receive a message from Celcom saying that the process of changing the service from Maxis to Celcom is successful, then i'll change to my new simcard. At 11.45am, myself, Faizal,Aina,Fify met Hisyam and Alida at campus for lunch at our Hotel UiTM. In the evening, rushed to Entrepreneurship Club's meeting then send Aina to jetty because she has to go back home in Shah Alam for some family matter. Next was suppose to send Alida to her aunt's house in Island but at that time i was late for my next meeting which i really need to be there, so I drop by at McD for that meeting 1st then only send Alida to her aunt's. Nad and Faizal followed me to send Alida. Dropped off Alida, we went to Gurney Drive for late supper as i haven't had my dinner yet. That was my freaking Friday!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


I bathe for serving class and later will grab Gardenia bun on the way to class as my lunch. Haven't had a bite since last night's kebab daging bought by Faizal. Now everyone is getting ready for class and hope that we're not late for class this time. After class around 11pm-12pm(or am??) will continue with English article to present to our lecturer with Faizal because what we found was rejected. :( Darn! OK will blog later, gonna get myself dressed now(am wearing only boxer shorts and towel :P ) Blog later people :)
I'm waiting for Celcom center to call whether they have sim cards or not. I want to change my maxis to celcom but still using the same number so that i can use its service. :)

I Cut 2 Classes!

Today, i cut two classes because i was too tired. I can't even open my eyes when my friend wake me up. Then, i start to feel my body aching and headache. Continued my sleep and woke up at 12pm(am??). Texted my mum telling her that i cut two classes, so that she won't find out from other sources. Better know it from me rather than knowing from someone else. Now, I'm just waiting for 4pm's class to start, Serving class. Serving class is tiring and hard and the same time. Will continue blogging later.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I feel like i'm being used. I hate this feeling!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Horrible + Happiness

1st day of kitchen operation for 3rd semester and it was a hell. Headache after class due to lack of water, hot weather and lot of things in mind that need to be done. I think i should hire a secretary to be with me all the time telling me what i should do and where I should be. I have a planner but I can't be 2 persons at once (the boss + the secretary). I don't know how my senior, Iylia Kamal (to be specific) do it, but he can really do lot of things at once and still manage to maintain his results,which is 3.5 and above every semester. I want to be like him! People are saying that i look like him, physically and he's a representative for his class, so do I. He organized a lot of events from 2 different clubs and so do i. This is why people,including the lecturers thought that we were brothers. Back to what i was talking, I need someone to be with me to organize my daily schedule AND, a driver! :D

Secondly, I want to thanks to my parents because they just bought me this..

BlackBerry 9700

I'll take good care of this present and I'll give u(my mom and dad) good results in future. Thanks mak, thanks bapak for this <3>

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday Morning :)


Bangun pagi, gosok gigi, cuci muka,keluar jogging..

That's all i have in mind for now, so began my day at 7.45am. Got up and straight to toilet and do all those stuff i mentioned above. When i'm ready, Mr.Stomach is not feeling well and it needs me to pay a visit to Mr.Toilet. After I'm done, Faizal and I picked up Aina and Zameer and off we go to Mengkuang Dam which i linked to its website in my previous post. Jogged for almost an hour there and it's really a good thing to do to start up your day. I feel fresh after, but i don't quiet enjoy myself this morning because I'm having stomachache for the second time this morning. I don't feel like jogging even though i jogged and this is because i forced myself to do so for the sake of my mission to be successful. After jogging, the 4 of us went for light breakfast at kedai melayu in front of our apartment for roti canai. I had two pieces of roti canai and a glass of plain cold water. Later I'm going back to island because i made an appointment with FitnessFirst (FF) to collect my two-days free trial voucher. :D Will be heading to Island with Alida and I'm not sure whether Faizal wants to tag along or not cause he seems tired. Hope today will be a great day. That's all for now and will keep you posted. See you..

Friday, July 9, 2010

My Mission 0_o

Since 1st day of class, i start to minimize my intake of food, 2 meals per day, lunch and dinner. Breakfast memang tak sempat :p So basically now, if lapar pon I'll try to wait till either lunch time or dinner. Then now, I'm trying to make myself to go to Mengkuang Dam for a jog once or twice a week.

Other days, my friends and I will play badminton at nearest playground.

I'm doing this because i want to be fit and i'm preparing myself for Penang Bridge Run 2010. To make this successful, i have Faizal(housemate) as my exercise buddy, Alida & Marie & Aina(classmates) as my food-intake controller. This is not easy for me because there are some people are try to break my spirit in making this happen. Whenever i eat, they'll say "makan banyak2,kang gemok!" (padahal sikit kot dr selalu). Orang-orang nie la yang demotivate aku dalam nak kurus punya mission nie. Luckily i have these 4people with me. They support whatever i do and they don't give any sarcastic comments about my body. Thanks to u people. Now, i'm hoping that everyone will support me with my mission which is, 63kg.. :D That is the number i'm aiming for. I used to weigh that much but been gaining weight from time to time and now i'm not sure how much i weigh. So i think that's all for now, read my next post people :)

I want to run here!



Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bloom Photo Uploader!

Installed BLOOM,a photo uploader for Facebook and it's really easy and fast. I'm happy that I've installed it cause i can upload all the photos that's been long kept in my folder. I'M HAPPY :D YEAY ME!

3rd semester :D

Including today, it has been 4days of so called non-stop class. Been tired with class and other activities lately. I don't even have time to wish people's birthdays on Facebook like i normally do. Apology for that my dearest friends :-| Books(textbooks), some i get it for free from my seniors and some i need to get it from the bookstore. Calculated the total amount i needed for books only, almost to rm150. Isn't it crazy asking students to buy expensive books when UiTM was suppose to be the university for the poor also? Even i'm saying it's expensive.. :p Now i'm in 3rd semester, as been told by seniors and lecturers, 3rd semester would be the real world of hell. Just by looking at my class' timetable has been said enough. class starts at 8am everyday and ends at 7pm on Monday, 10pm on Tuesday-Thursday and 10am on Friday but will continue the day with extra curriculum in the evening which starts at 5pm till 7pm. Darn! So far, assignments are on the way but haven't received the final topic from the lecturers. This semester also, i have to deal with some new subjects, such as Economics and Accounting and i don't even have basic in both subjects. That is the sign for me to struggle damn hard in order to maintain my results and CGPA. Hope everything goes smoothly and pray to God that 3rd semester will be good to me. :D Furthermore, i'm a committee in two clubs which is HATSS(Hotel and Tourism Students Society) and Entrepreneurship Club and up to this day, only HATSS' events have been approved by the administration and one of it is mine,which means i'll be the project manager. It's gonna be tough and rough for me this semester and i have to find time to relax and any point. Finally, hope everything will go smoothly.. *AMIN*

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Welcome Back :)

My blog has become lame day by day. I think i should post blog at least once a day. It's just that i don't know what to write about because somethings are meant to be kept and some are OK to be shared. Depends how then :D Frankly speaking, I do miss blogging. Sorry to my readers whom i don't know how many :p The reason why i haven't post any entry for the past few months is because i've been busy with final examination,my part-time job and been busy taking care of my late grandma who passed away two weeks ago. Al-Fatihah for her...(moment of silence). Now i'm blogging at my 'rumah bujang' as i'm already preparing for class to begin in few days. Packed up and drove myself in my friend's little chili which she named her red Kancil. :D *how cute* I think that all from me now, and insyaAllah i'll keep u people posted with updates whenever I'm free. Kinda miss people commenting my blog :)