Monday, March 29, 2010

DILEMMA part 2

Went to Dungun. So that has said my decision. I went to Dungun and it was a blast. I loved it and met a lot of hoteliers from Dungun. Now, we the AJKs are trying to reorganize and raise up the fees for our club(HATSS). A few minutes ago, i got a message from Kak Shaz whom is my senior telling me that if I want to organize events for next semester, I have to submit proposals by 12th April. Now me and Marie trying to crack up our heads to get ideas what to do for next semester. OK gotta go, i want to crack my head open now. :) tata

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Now I'm getting annoyed with my busy schedule. I don't have time for myself and I haven't seen my 'home sweet home' about a month now. I miss home!! Tomorrow, there'll be a trip to UiTM Dungun and I'm going, but since the first meeting( 3days ago ), I felt like I don't want to join. Then got an offer to go for a Leadership Camping, i declined the invitation. I just don't feel like getting busy with clubs' activities anymore since Final Examination is near. Now, got another offer to emcee a welcoming ceremony for UiTM Sarawak students the same day where I'll be going to Dungun. Later tonight, i have a meeting regarding the trip to Dungun and I'll discuss this matter ( not going thinggie ) with the organizer and to meet the organizer for the emcee thinggie to decline the offer later after the first meeting. I just feel like going home now. i just want to go home badly. See how it goes in the next post. Hope I make the right decision. *AMIN*

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Friendship is not for u to Gain benefits from OK?

Stop being a shit. U need my help, u're good to me but when u need nothing from me or when u're not under pressure u do shit to me. From now onwards, anything u ask for help, I won't do it for u. My friendship is not for u to gain benefits from. I'm getting stronger and tougher. Thanks to Alida and Acap for making me realize it. Thanks to u people. Now u know, don't mess with Adil Ridzuan.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I miss last semester (1st semester). People change and life gets tougher. I miss my friends. High school friends, MODEsociety, The Retarded Domingo and my classmates. Everyone has changed. I miss the old them. Now, they made me feel like i'm invisible, i'm no one to them and i'm the last choice. My mood is a roller-coaster ride now. Sometimes i feel welcome and happy and sometimes i feel hated and annoyed. I think i should stop now or else..

Monday, March 8, 2010

anak mak pandai complain dengan exec suda :)

Last Friday, I went to Equatorial Hotel Penang to meet the manager for a short interview. The interview is for my assignment, so walked towards the front desk and asked for the manager. He said that he's not free now and told me to come abs meet him the next day at 9pm.

The next day, I arrived EQ with my friend Naqi at 9pm sharp and straight to the front desk and asked for the manager since he had said to come and meet him at that time, and he's not there. What?? I wore formal attire just to meet him and he's not there?

Now, I'll doubt if they say that they are professional. They themselves did not turn up for an appointment and they would like to call themselves a professional. Deeiii tambi get back to diploma and learn everything all over again la dude.

They wasted my time, money, energy and also petrol. Then I got back home and went to EQ's website and made a complain at the feedback column. The complain will go straight to the GM of that hotel. The next day, I got a call from the GM herself. I explained what happened and She apologized :) wiihhuuu..

Luckily I had a back-up plan which is to interview a cousin of my friend who works as a Assistant Superintendent in Petronas Dagangan Berhad in Port Klang. So I called him and interviewed him through the phone. Now, I had completed my assignment and I'm happy. I can't describe how much I love doing Individual assignments. No pressure and I'll do it whenever I want :)

p/s : u have to have a back-up plans in whatever u do cause who knows that the first plan might not be a success. Fro
what I have learnt in Fundamental of Management class, contingency planning. :) wow I do feel like a professional now.

I sigh till I can't sigh no more

Sleepy. Did my assignment and now i'm sleepy like shit. I need to sleep. I feel so depressed now. I feel like going to some other college but what my mom had said "face ur challenges, don't look back and try as hard as u could to try to focus on studies and ignore all the things that distracts u". Now all i'm trying to do is to talk to my parents to agree with me on me staying at home and travel back and forth to campus. I'm talking crap now. I'm not myself now, i'm lame now and i don't talk much unless it needs me to do so. I'm out now, see u in the next post. See u till then :)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Speech from the heart

Pressure. Frustrated. Annoyed. All that we had planned is not appreciated and people take it light cause plan would just be a plan not a confirmed one. They don't think about the ones that had put so much effort in this trip. Called here and there, used my credit to call here and there and all for nothing. One said that he's not going cause he has an assignment to do, one said that he's just not going. Then another 2said that they're not going cause another friend is not going. So basically everyone is not going. Now I can see that they did shit to me. Why people most of the time do that to me?

Then when the plan is officially cancelled, when I was sleeping I heard one of them talked about going to HotFM BigJam. So I was "what the hell" in my mind. The one that has been planned they're not going but they're planning on going to do something else. *shit* then the one that said that he has to do his assignment is also going to the HotFM thinggie. I was like OMG how can they do this to me after all that I've done.

Now all I'm thinking is that why people can do shit things to me? Now, people do shit to me I'm gonna do shit as well. I'm up to that level where I feel like yelling but fortunately, I don't have the heart to do so cause I love my friends and i'll feel bad if I do that.

Eat the hell?? I said I want to do shit if people do shit to me, and now I feel sorry for them?? Ok from now on u guys do all the planning. I'm not gonna plan anymore outings or trips. I don't want to be the leader anymore if my work is not appreciated. I've been keeping this for so long and now I'm letting it out thru blog posts but if I really feel that I need to speak out then that's what I'll do.

p/s : hope blog now tak lari topic. Macam lari topic ja. Macam everything is in this blog. And I know this blog is a bit confusing cause I don't mention the names.

Monday, March 1, 2010


Handed in 2 assignments today. I'm happy like a 5y/o.. Now me and my friends ate discussing about our plans for this weekend. We're thinking of renting a car or shall I say a mini van that can fit 10 of us.

We have planned out a few plans but not sure which one will be the one. It either go to Pulau Aman, enjoy the environment and eat the mee udang there or Taman Negara Teluk Bahang. But most probably it'd be Taman Negara, because all of us want to go for something adventurous this time. So now we have to make a few phone calls to the Car Rental offices.. Wish us luck :)

Rough Day :(

I'm done with my assignment!! Yeay but there's more, at least 2 done and 3 to go :) trying to be positive here.. Let me tell u something, we printed the hard-copy but we forgot to include our view(POI, literature review) in the assignment. So Juf came out with an idea which is just print out just our POI and paste it in the assignment.

Even though it does not look good or pro, well at least our job here is done. Then now they're off to the printing store which opens till 3am to print just the copy of our review.

Now that they had gone off, I got to thinking that we have to do a soft-copy as well. So now the problem is for us to find an empty CD. *sigh*. Need to get everything done a.s.a.p. So the moral of this post is, don't do your assignment at the 11th hour and u must work as a team and don't let a team member down. Motivate each other for better results in future.

Hope things will get better in future and how we organize and distribute our tasks among team member.

p/s : thanks mak and alida for helping me and thanks for the advice. Thanks to my dad for being alert of my emotion situation on Twitter and facebook. Greatful to have parents who are computer literate :)