Saturday, June 27, 2009

shaya suda mau chow ke UiTM. 
rasa mcm ssh ja nk online lps nie.
so blog nie kalo xterupdate phm2 ja la ek.

takot nk pi tp nak pi..
hemmm?? mcm mn tu?? LOL..
ayat complicated sgt..
nk pi tp xnk pi..

now baru habis packing so online sat b4 bed..
ya la lps nie nk online mmg fuuhhh bekurun la baru bole rs nya..
beg baju, 2beg kesemuanya. PENOH!!
n lagi 2bagpack.. satu tu ltk file utk registration and satu lg ltk kasot pa suma..
byk seh...
maleh la UiTM nie byk sgt rules. 
xbole pakai tu la ni la..
rambot xbole colour la..
now rambot dh hitam kembali tp agak pelik..
sbb hitam nie terlalu hitam
rambut ak slalunya hitam nya lite pny tp nie hitam yg xbole nk describe..
kalo nk tau apa yg ak mksdkan meh la tgk sndri..
sure gelak...
aiman dgn elly dh gelak masa ak ambik depa td nk pi Kayu Nasik Kandar..

hemm ok la ak pn nak tdoq esk kn bgn awai nk get ready n nak betolak awai eventho UiTM yg ak dpt 2 dkt..
sbb mak tamau kalot2,so pi awai senang.
bila la nk post blog lg ek???

ok nite2

Till the next post

Tata for now XOXO

Thursday, June 25, 2009

sorry lama xupdate..
busy. konon nya la.. hahaha
kluar dgn kwn la,beli barang utk UiTM la.
penat,tension, suma ada..
sabtu nie dh nk masuk UiTM,
so blog nie lg la lama nk ter-update..
myb,dkt UiTM nnt ssh nk online.
xsabaQ nak pi UiTM tp takot gk nk pi sbb dgr cita dr senior2 yg study kat sana.
depa kata kes ragging byk.. 
nie yg dok ketaq lutut nk pi..
takot kena buli..
tp org bg tau kalo kena buli report..
so i guess i'll do that if it actually happens..
hope everything will go on just fine there...
wish luck for me everyone. 

will blog when im free. 
whee im off to UiTM. 

Till the next post

Tata for now

Thursday, June 18, 2009


malas la mau cita pnjg2.
but the day was awesome and i had fun.
pictures says everything,so i just post it la malas ngn brag abt it..
ahaha sleepy now but still nk blogging.

dkt dpn toys r' us

alamak ak ingt gmbr byk rupa2nya yg nie ja yg nmpk elok..
ak link kan blog Ieka so nak tgk pictures that we took on that day pegi la usha kat blog Ieka.
Ieka's url :
do visit her blog.

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Tata for now XOXO

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


yeay mau keluar sama Iqbal & Ieka.
2 rakan dari sekolah rendah.
been going out with them few times. 
even though Iqbal is staying in KL and Ieka at Seberang.
We plan,we go,we have fun,we laugh till we drop.
can't wait to meet u guys.

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Tata for now XOXO

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Welcoming Chein

Woke up late today.. 
2pm,then straight to hall. 
Saw new baby rabbit.
White with brown spots.
Parents named him Chein(Hussein).


Chot and Chein


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Tata for now XOXO

Saturday, June 13, 2009

R.I.P Chet

Anak rabbit yang bapak beli nama Chet all white albino something died.. 
He was my fav. 
Comel and cool.
Was suppose to take him to see Doc later. 
Kesiannya and sayangnya!! 

R.I.P CHET. Will miss you!!

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Tata for now XOXO

Bestfriends and Stupid Boyfriend

Straight to the point. 
The friend I'm referring to is Amirul.
Amirul,Melanie and I were in the same class since form 1 till form 4.
This fella,his brain is like the size of green pea.
Small minded and typical malay boy attitude.
Settle problems with arguments and fist fighting.

The story begins.

Form 4, around middle of the year,

Amirul dated one of our bestfriend Syamilia.
Sometimes he treated her like a piece of dirt and sometimes like an expensive diamond.
As her bestfriend, me and Melanie were not that thrilled that they were a couple.
We told her that Amirul is not for her and there's something fishy about him,
because we don't want her to see her going thru the 'roller-coaster'.
Sometimes sad,sometimes happy and even hate.

Form 5,

The relationship is still going on.
Now,Melanie and I just don't care much about their crappy relationship.
Until mid-year of form 5,
as i could remember,Amirul and Milia have broken up 3times.
Could you imagine breaking up 3times only in a year of realtionship??
I don't know how Milia could stand Amirul.

Last day of SPM.

Amirul cari pasal sama saya & Melanie. 
No need to know the dits abt the so called 'fight'.
At the end of the day when we were about to leave the school,
Amirul came and apologize to me and Melanie.
kami buat BODO ja,
because we know he didn't mean it.
His not sincere when he's with the 2 of us.
He doesn't like the both of us since form 1. 
That makes us the same because we don't like him too.

Few months had past,
me,Melanie and Milia's friendship is still going strong.

June of 2009,
got a call from Milia saying that now she's officially single.
Finally she has the guts to call off the relationship.
Thank to God.
I was so happy because it took about 2years to make her realize that Amirul was 'hell',
bukannya jahat tapi its true. 
Amirul was not a good boyfriend and Milia deserves better than him.

A week later,
Milia sms-ed me and Melanie.

'' Mirul ada girlfriend baru!! mmg patut aku break dengan dia. GOOD ME!! ''

Yeay Milia u made the right decision!! 

So boys and girls out there,
boyfriend/girlfriend won't stay with us forever (depends on the person you're dating)
but friends are forever!!

me,melanie and milia

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Tata for now XOXO

Friday, June 12, 2009

Hungry Night

Like everynight,
can't sleep and start to hear my stomach growling, 
calling for food, 
and i know there's no food in the fridge. 
If there is, i'm just too lazy to cook. 
Thought i could handle the hungry-ness but turns out i can't. 
I lost track of time what time i went out to Kayu Nasi Kandar.
TAPAU nasik... 
So u can imagine how hungry i was at that time.. 
was eating in front of TV and after my super late supper continue with TV until 3am.
Straight to my room and to my laptop,
chatted with Kak Sarah and Nad. 
Then started blogging,  
so blogging is something that can accompany us when we're bored..
Thanks to the person that has created blogspot.. 

Till the next post

Tata for now XOXO

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My New Anak!!

Last i don't remember what day, my parents bought 2 baby rabbits. 
One is pure white with red eyes and another is white with black spots and huge black eyes. 

Malas mau upload pic anak saya.
Sayang sama mereka tapi takot mau handle.. 
Kang patah tengkok.. 
So aku belai ja la.. 
The names are a little bit weird for me because my parents named then Chot and Chet..
Chot is the one with black spots and Chot is a short form for Mansor.
And Chet is the pure white rabbit which is the shorter version of Rashid. 
See pelik kan??
My parents are so attached with that name. 
Anyhow,I love my 2 bunnies no matter what... 
xjaga pun i'll still sayang my Chot&Chet because they are cute and adorable animals. 

Till the next post 

Tata for now XOXO

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Plans 2

Plan yg nak pi shoot tu xjadi but then kami still lepak gak. Ak,Awan,Elly and aiman pi Gurney shopping. kami smpi kat sana makan then tatau apa nak beli then kami pi Prangin Mall plak. Kami ok la sket kat Prangin sbb ada bnda yg bole kami beli sbb barang kat Prangin suma murah2 and cantik. So ari tu ak beli skinny jeans harga 'shhuuuu' hehhee. Kak elly pn beli dress then kami tros balik. Tapi kami xtros balik,kami pi lepak kat pantai QBay plak lps tu dok discuss pasai group yg kami nak start nie.. Discuss nama mcm2 nama yg kuaq.. MUNET,MODE,JUST.. 3 tu antara nama yg kami dpt then finally we end up with MODE. So lps dpt nama kami plan photoshoot utk kami pny cover group. Lps dh discuss pa suma kami pon balik rmh. Kat rmh kami suma plan nak pi Kayu Nasi Kandar kat dpn rmh ak plak nak dinner sekali tapi suma dh penat nak tdoq ja.. So ok la xjd sbb nak tdoq.. Sooo tdoq xingt dunia then abis la hari kami ari tu.. 
Nnt ak post lagi apa jd utk hari2 berikotnya naa?? ok baca lagi la blog saya yg akan datang!!

Till the next post

Tata for now XOXO