Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bestfriends and Stupid Boyfriend

Straight to the point. 
The friend I'm referring to is Amirul.
Amirul,Melanie and I were in the same class since form 1 till form 4.
This fella,his brain is like the size of green pea.
Small minded and typical malay boy attitude.
Settle problems with arguments and fist fighting.

The story begins.

Form 4, around middle of the year,

Amirul dated one of our bestfriend Syamilia.
Sometimes he treated her like a piece of dirt and sometimes like an expensive diamond.
As her bestfriend, me and Melanie were not that thrilled that they were a couple.
We told her that Amirul is not for her and there's something fishy about him,
because we don't want her to see her going thru the 'roller-coaster'.
Sometimes sad,sometimes happy and even hate.

Form 5,

The relationship is still going on.
Now,Melanie and I just don't care much about their crappy relationship.
Until mid-year of form 5,
as i could remember,Amirul and Milia have broken up 3times.
Could you imagine breaking up 3times only in a year of realtionship??
I don't know how Milia could stand Amirul.

Last day of SPM.

Amirul cari pasal sama saya & Melanie. 
No need to know the dits abt the so called 'fight'.
At the end of the day when we were about to leave the school,
Amirul came and apologize to me and Melanie.
kami buat BODO ja,
because we know he didn't mean it.
His not sincere when he's with the 2 of us.
He doesn't like the both of us since form 1. 
That makes us the same because we don't like him too.

Few months had past,
me,Melanie and Milia's friendship is still going strong.

June of 2009,
got a call from Milia saying that now she's officially single.
Finally she has the guts to call off the relationship.
Thank to God.
I was so happy because it took about 2years to make her realize that Amirul was 'hell',
bukannya jahat tapi its true. 
Amirul was not a good boyfriend and Milia deserves better than him.

A week later,
Milia sms-ed me and Melanie.

'' Mirul ada girlfriend baru!! mmg patut aku break dengan dia. GOOD ME!! ''

Yeay Milia u made the right decision!! 

So boys and girls out there,
boyfriend/girlfriend won't stay with us forever (depends on the person you're dating)
but friends are forever!!

me,melanie and milia

Till the next post

Tata for now XOXO

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