Sunday, April 25, 2010


Wow lamanya tak post blog. Been busy with exams, paperworks and all. It's exam month now n I'm trying my hardest to get good results :) insyaAllah. Can't wait for semester break, applied at Brands Outlet for the second time as a sales assistance. Gonna work, earn money and gonna save it for sumsum that I've been wanting for so long. Buying that thing using my own money and no one can say anything about it. So back to my campus life, I'm having my final exam now till 8th of May. This semester, I'll be taking 4 papers for final exam all together and one is done and 3 to go. Wish me luck people for my 3 coming papers. Guess that's all for now. Till my next post people :)


Aunty Dolly said...

Selamat Maju Jaya, Adil. Study smart!

eemm.. himpun duit nak beli blackberry kaaa.. :-P

aDILriDZ said...

orite anty :) akan ku himpun duit beli berry berry :p