Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Plans

Few days back,me and Awan planned to go swimming this coming Wednesday which is 28th May and was thinking of inviting Elly, Aiman, Raz and we did.. 2 days before the day that we were suppose to go swimming, i got a YM message from Aiman saying that Raz cannot join us for swimming. So its fine by me and we still gonna go on with what we've planned only without Raz. So,me and Awan were excited because we were thinking to do an underwater photoshoot since Aiman owns an underwater digital camera. Elly as usual always ask us the same question.. 

''Apa yang Kak Elly nak pakai huh nanti nak pi swim??''.

 The three of us laughed and told her not to wear two piece bikini.. Then she said 

'' OK lah Kak Elly nak pakai suit yang tak expose sgt...''

So i guess that's what she's gonna where. Then i read a post in FACEBOOK saying that elly doesn't want to go swimming the i got a text from Awan telling me that she doesn't want to go because the suit does not fit her anymore. So now the swimming plan is cancelled and we made a new plan immediately and the four of us agreed on going for a photoshoot. So this time,i hope the plan will go on just fine as planned and now we're discussing about whose car are we gonna use.. It's either Aiman's or mine.. 

To know whether the plan is on or not, where did we go, what did we do and whose car did we used, all i can say is, u have to wait for the next post and i'll be tell u blog readers all about it. 

Till the next post 

Tata for now XOXO

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