Tuesday, February 16, 2010


When I'm home I expect to sleep in my room alone, but somehow there's a friend that has been staying here long enough shifted to my room from my brother's. FYI, this friend is a friend of brother. I'm getting annoyed from time to time but trying my hardest to ignore the annoying-ness. He had made my room into so called 3in1 bedroom.

1) a room to sleep
2) an entertainment room where he watches movies from his lappie
3) DINING room. ???

He took whole pack of bread and a bottle of peanut butter spread w butter knife and also a bottle of water. Now as I'am trying to sleep, he went down to the real dining room and took a plate of rice with all the 'lauk' my mum had cooked earlier up to my room and eat it while watching movie. Food in someone else's room? Where's u're manner dude.

Dah la menumpang bilik orang, kalau 3-4 hari nak buat macam bilik sendiri takpa la jugak, nie sampai bebulan? Common u should know better and plus, u rented a house with ur friends. Go and stay with them. If u have problems with them, work it out like a mature adult, don't just run away from it.


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makcikkantin said...

be a good host my dear. like you say "work it out". yes, work i out nice & polite.
it hurts to hurt and be hurt - analyze yhis