Saturday, October 3, 2009

Arope's 18th Birthday

Saturday 3rd Oct (12.45am) :

Arope is a friend of a friend and on 2nd Oct at 11.55pm, he came to me,Acap and Juf at the study room expected to be wished by us *i think* but we didn't cause we didn't know when is his birthday. After a while he went back to his dorm and Aleemy came and told us that today(3rd Oct). So,the 4 of us went up to his dorm and suprised him with a plate of oreos! So that replace the cake since it's a last minute surprise birthday party. Arope was so shocked when we showed up at the door with a plate of oreos and a lighter replaces the candle. He said,the surprise birthday party was the best and he almost burst into tears. We ate and left since we left our laptop at the study room with kinda unknown UiTM students. Trust no one! Here are some pictures taken from Arope's surprise birthday party. 

Us at Arope's dorm after the surprise.

Plate of oreos and only two left on the plate.

L-R  : Acap,Juf and the birthday boy Arope. *Chilling after snacking on oreos.

L-R : Aidil, Naim and Aleemy.


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dyana "his other half" said...

oh ho tu mine n abg fariq punye...kitaorg kongsi...hehe...

aDILriDZ said...

owhhh ye ye xye gk ek dh kawin so share la kan.. hehe

sleepy head said...

cute kowt