Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Wonderful Day In Kitchen Class

Wednesday (7th Oct) : 

Yesterday (Tuesday-6th Oct), got a few classes including Kitchen class. Like what i've said in my previous post, we're cooking either steak or lamb and i was hoping for lamb racks to be specific. So i got what i wished for and was sooo damn happy. I did what i've planned earlier and divide works for my groupie. Everything went well and we made our own Italian salad dressing, BBQ sauce and mashed potatoes based on recipes i found in the internet last night. Would like to give credits to internet as well cause helped me by giving me all these ideas and informations. So, got my lamb racks and marinated it with (it's a secret). Let the lamb absorb the marinade for few minutes and while waiting for that, I asked Nadiah(my groupie) to make the vinaigrette(Italian dressing) like i asked her to and asked Hajar(another groupie of mine) to cut the vegetables for the accompaniment salad. Me, I'm off doing my BBQ sauce which the recipe was given by my mum and i added a little bit some-some to spice it up. Things are done and now we're making mashed potatoes. Time to cook the meet and we cooked it just for few minutes and it's done. I wonder why lambs cook so fast. Hmm?? Done with the cooking, remove the lambs from the heat and let it rest for few minutes to make the lambs juicer and more tender. Set the plate with mashed potatoes as the base and salads on the side. Then, when it's time to present, took the lambs and place it on top of the mashed potatoes and pour the sauce. So this is the result of my work. 

View from above of my Racks of Lamb main-course. 


Without the sauce.

Final touch-up. Pour the sauce and WHAAALLAAA.. Yummy!!

p/s : I'm so proud of myself and my work. Good job Adil, you did a very good job. Adil is now satisfied for the first time with his work.

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makcikkantin said...

good job adil! nice presentation too. alangkah bestnye kalau boleh buat camtu kat rumah nanti...bolehlah mak tunggu kat meja je..(tak yah silat kat dapoq)

dyana "his other half" said...

oh boleh2 makchak...nanti december kami balik for paksu azril's kenduri...kami singgah rumah naaa...nak rasa lamb adil ni...dah la mmg favourite me n fariq...boleh naaaa adil...

p/s : makchak, nak kena train hadif cam adil gak la...tayah la diyana nak bersilat kat dapoq gak...hehe...

linahilmin said...

adehhhhh, patut la rajin ke dapur, mmg pakar masak rupanya dia! bertuah sapa dapat nih!!! :p
thanks for the enchilada recipe ya aidil, nanti akak try! drooling over ur lamb rack lah!

aDILriDZ said...

hahaha thanks for the comments.

kak dyana : yup nnt kak dyana balik adil suro mak beli lamb adil bt..

mak : beli lamb ek.. hehe