Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Silent Night - Yea Right!!

Tuesday (6th Oct) : 

I was tired and planned to sleep early but before that i have to revise for tomorrow's classes. English and Kitchen. I have to read a few passages for English just to understand what will be done in the class and looking at some pictures of food presentation as I'll be cooking either steak or Racks of Lamb in Kitchen class so I'm trying to get some ideas on how to present the food in class. So there I was sitting on my chair in room and trying to study but i can't. Temperature of the room was too hot and the seat is making my ass cramps. So took everything and went to study room. At first the study room was full with students but it's getting less and lesser. Did my thing and wrote all the recipes and how to present the food in my note book and job all done. Now, I'm being myself which is being lazy to go back to room which is on the 7th floor of the buliding,I stayed here in the study room till now 4.28am. I'm surfing the internet and also reading blogs. Now, I love to read blogs and to publishing new post for my blogspot profile.

In study room.

Bored and taking picture of myself using my lappie's webcam.

The title is Silent Night - Yea Right and the post above has nothing to do with the title. Wanna know why I posted this blog as Silent Night - Yea Right, is because usually at time like this the study room would be peaceful place for student to study and to clear up minds but today, the room is sound polluted with malay old songs that i don't like and they play it out loud. So much for 'Think about others' tag-line and not just from one laptop,but from 3laptops. You can imagine how loud and noisy the study room is now. To add from all the noise made, they are also playing CS(CounterStrike) and put it on speaker. So I'm hearing bang-bang-bang-bang and it annoys me so much.. Now I'm waiting for a call from a friend who said will call me at dawn. So now I'm waiting patiently with Acap. haishhh!!! 

Till the next post

Tata for now XOXO

- TTYL -

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