Tuesday, October 13, 2009

From Goggle Fest '09 to Kitchen class

10thOct09 :

Goggle Fest was a blast and no words can describe how much i enjoyed the event. I was dancing and jumping around with my camera around my neck. Why i was with my camera cause i was the official photographer for Goggle Fest '09 and took so many pictures but i haven't upload it in my laptop since i'm so busy with other stuff. I want to congratulate my brother, Alif@ciboi for making this happen and for making us happy with the event. Thanks to him!! Pictures?? will upload it later since now im busy with tests and final exam is just around the corner. 
Patience : )

12thOct09 :

Kitchen class and this would be the last kitchen class and i don;t want it to end cause i like kitchen class so much. I love cooking and i love being in the kitchen and being busy with cooking and such. This class will also our final assessment class and we have to cook a main-course and the lecturer will evaluate everything from technique used to cut the raw materials and how u cook the food,taste of the food till how u present the food. It's a nerve wrecking but im trying to cool myself down. For this assessment, i have to deal with chicken and i hate chicken cause it's not easy to cut into few parts. I was hoping for fish or lamb but unfortunately, it's chicken. Will upload the pictures later.

p/s : will upload the pictures of Goggle Fest and the presentation for Kitchen class later if i have the time. Wish me luck in Kitchen class. AMINNN!!!

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Tata for now XOXO

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dyana "his other half" said...

adil...good luck...apa2 pun nanti kami balik masak lamb rack yg sungguh lazat itu tau...

chezelic yaya said...

hai adil...

hope u rmmbr me!! haha