Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Inspired and Moving On

"you can't lose something you've never had, 
but you can lose someone you cared for so much.
you just have to be strong and try to move on, 
because someone better is out there waiting for you."

said by: yours truly <3

"the song was I Wanna Be With You,
and the movie was the The Proposal and A Walk To Remember.
the food was awesome as we had Roti Nan with Tandoori,
and the drink was coincidental but believable to be the same,Teh 'O' Ice."

"topshop and giordano was the place to shop,
food-court and sometimes mamak would be perfect to stop,
but the one thing that will remain with me is the memory we had,
and Twilight Saga NewMoon will watch it with other peeps,
even though we planned on watching that together.

p/s : things happened for a reason and i respect that.
now i'm starting a new life and a new chapter of my life. 
i'm starting fresh.

would someone get me a new notebook for my life here? *smiled*

note: thanks for those who helped
and thanks for the help and either direct or indirect motivations about life.
thanks for all. 
love you peeps!!

Till the next post

Tata for now XOXO

- TTYL -


Aiman Syazwan Roslan said...

Memories last forever but people do move on!

aDILriDZ said...

yes they do..

Dahlia said...

keep moving forward! -The Robinson-