Friday, November 13, 2009

When Bordem Occured

Tomorrow is my last paper and i can still online..
It's been awhile since my last post..
So hey everyone..
Miss blogging but i don't know what to write about..
Semester break is just around the corner and i can't wait.
Can't wait to meet my MODEsociety friends.
Hanging out and photoshoots and all.
Am now at computer lab online with my roommate's friend.
After friday prayer, went for lunch and now here i am.
Like everyday else,check my myspace profile,update my twitter and login to blogspot to read blogs or TRY to write a blog..

At least im trying aren't i..
Next semester will be staying out of campus..
Thank God one burden is now settled.
Now i have to really start to learn how to save some of my allowance so that i could pay my rent..
The house we found was great.
We booked it and just waiting for the keys and pay the deposit.
Can't wait to move in..
Hope we have extra change in our pockets so that we could install a wifi connection.
Did i told u guys that i'll be staying with 5other roommates which is also my classmates.
Now the main concern is transportation..
All transportation is not yet confirmed.
Wish we have transport before the semester begins, so that we won't get wet by all the walking to the bus stop which is FARRRR from our house.

p/s : everyone,pray for me/us so that we could have transport for next semester... AMIN!!

Till the next post

Tata for now XOXO

- TTYL -

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