Monday, November 30, 2009


i'm having difficulties to sleep. 

i can't sleep not until azan subuh. 
semayang subuh then baru bole tido.
i guess subuh has a power to make people sleep. 
hehe who knows.

been sleeping at 6-7am since semester break started. 
the will only wake up at 6-7pm.
i know it's not healthy but what can i do?
i have to try to sleep early.

but if i still can't sleep early, i guess i have to seek for doctors help.
they could give me medication that could help me to go to sleep?
from day to day,my pimples start to poping out more and more.
i guess it's because i sleep really late and it stresses my body and that's what makes my pimples to pop out..
anyone out there facing the same problem as i do? 
let's share cause sharing is caring and i need help on this. 

semester break is about to end and i have to get prepared for early classes, so that means i have to wake up early, and for me to wake up early, i have to sleep early.
sshheeessshh what a complicated problem huh?

 p/s : gimme some good advices. i need to sleep early. PLEASE!! 


Till the next post

Tata for now XOXO

 - TTYL -


dyana "his other half" said...

nih tips yang abang fariq slalu buat when he get back from his last day of night shift...tgk tv smpi mata bengkak than wake up in 2 hours time...tahan la ngantuk smpi mlm :)...

linahilmin said...

adil, try this:-
-gi cari (and beli) aromatheraphy candles - ask the sales person which candles utk kasi senang tido.

-minum a glass of warm milk, pick one of your buku yg plg bosan dlm dlm dunia; read it!

-kira kambing.. (yg ni takkan jadi coz i've tried it b4!)

aDILriDZ said...

kak lina : the 1st suggestion tu i'll definitely try.
the 2nd suggestion tu,adil xminom susu.
tatau apasal. hehe so apa yg bole ganti dgn
the 3rd suggestion, imagination adil kurang
bagos utk imagine kambeng.. hehe
apa tah nk kira plak. hehe

kak diana : dok bt mcm tu tp still xleh tdoq mlm..
tak pa nnt adil try lg.. hehe

thanks kak lina n kak diana for ur great suggestions..hehe :)

makcikkantin said...

1. force yrself to sleep
2. like kak lina said, start counting...imagine roast
3. force yrself to sleep
4. force yrself to sleep
5. watch yr english my dear