Monday, March 8, 2010

anak mak pandai complain dengan exec suda :)

Last Friday, I went to Equatorial Hotel Penang to meet the manager for a short interview. The interview is for my assignment, so walked towards the front desk and asked for the manager. He said that he's not free now and told me to come abs meet him the next day at 9pm.

The next day, I arrived EQ with my friend Naqi at 9pm sharp and straight to the front desk and asked for the manager since he had said to come and meet him at that time, and he's not there. What?? I wore formal attire just to meet him and he's not there?

Now, I'll doubt if they say that they are professional. They themselves did not turn up for an appointment and they would like to call themselves a professional. Deeiii tambi get back to diploma and learn everything all over again la dude.

They wasted my time, money, energy and also petrol. Then I got back home and went to EQ's website and made a complain at the feedback column. The complain will go straight to the GM of that hotel. The next day, I got a call from the GM herself. I explained what happened and She apologized :) wiihhuuu..

Luckily I had a back-up plan which is to interview a cousin of my friend who works as a Assistant Superintendent in Petronas Dagangan Berhad in Port Klang. So I called him and interviewed him through the phone. Now, I had completed my assignment and I'm happy. I can't describe how much I love doing Individual assignments. No pressure and I'll do it whenever I want :)

p/s : u have to have a back-up plans in whatever u do cause who knows that the first plan might not be a success. Fro
what I have learnt in Fundamental of Management class, contingency planning. :) wow I do feel like a professional now.


InFiNitY said...

wahh!!! way to go, adil!!! not many would have done what u did. proud of u, young man!

aDILriDZ said...

thanks. that's what i think i should do.. im a young adult now and they should treat me like one, not like a junk. they do shit i'll do the same thing. hope they will improve on their customer service skill.

shazzey suhaimi said...

u can run MODE once i grow old..hahahah