Thursday, March 25, 2010


Now I'm getting annoyed with my busy schedule. I don't have time for myself and I haven't seen my 'home sweet home' about a month now. I miss home!! Tomorrow, there'll be a trip to UiTM Dungun and I'm going, but since the first meeting( 3days ago ), I felt like I don't want to join. Then got an offer to go for a Leadership Camping, i declined the invitation. I just don't feel like getting busy with clubs' activities anymore since Final Examination is near. Now, got another offer to emcee a welcoming ceremony for UiTM Sarawak students the same day where I'll be going to Dungun. Later tonight, i have a meeting regarding the trip to Dungun and I'll discuss this matter ( not going thinggie ) with the organizer and to meet the organizer for the emcee thinggie to decline the offer later after the first meeting. I just feel like going home now. i just want to go home badly. See how it goes in the next post. Hope I make the right decision. *AMIN*

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shazzey suhaimi said...

try to relax and settle it one by one..jgn buat rushing decision