Monday, March 8, 2010

I sigh till I can't sigh no more

Sleepy. Did my assignment and now i'm sleepy like shit. I need to sleep. I feel so depressed now. I feel like going to some other college but what my mom had said "face ur challenges, don't look back and try as hard as u could to try to focus on studies and ignore all the things that distracts u". Now all i'm trying to do is to talk to my parents to agree with me on me staying at home and travel back and forth to campus. I'm talking crap now. I'm not myself now, i'm lame now and i don't talk much unless it needs me to do so. I'm out now, see u in the next post. See u till then :)


shazzey suhaimi said...

that is exactly what i felt when i was in form 4 in technic...i hated really depressed..i have to tell myself to try and deal with what's infront of me..i believe u cn do it too..try adil try

aDILriDZ said...

everything seems better now. hehehe blog tu just mcm what i felt at that time ja. now im ok d..