Saturday, March 6, 2010

Speech from the heart

Pressure. Frustrated. Annoyed. All that we had planned is not appreciated and people take it light cause plan would just be a plan not a confirmed one. They don't think about the ones that had put so much effort in this trip. Called here and there, used my credit to call here and there and all for nothing. One said that he's not going cause he has an assignment to do, one said that he's just not going. Then another 2said that they're not going cause another friend is not going. So basically everyone is not going. Now I can see that they did shit to me. Why people most of the time do that to me?

Then when the plan is officially cancelled, when I was sleeping I heard one of them talked about going to HotFM BigJam. So I was "what the hell" in my mind. The one that has been planned they're not going but they're planning on going to do something else. *shit* then the one that said that he has to do his assignment is also going to the HotFM thinggie. I was like OMG how can they do this to me after all that I've done.

Now all I'm thinking is that why people can do shit things to me? Now, people do shit to me I'm gonna do shit as well. I'm up to that level where I feel like yelling but fortunately, I don't have the heart to do so cause I love my friends and i'll feel bad if I do that.

Eat the hell?? I said I want to do shit if people do shit to me, and now I feel sorry for them?? Ok from now on u guys do all the planning. I'm not gonna plan anymore outings or trips. I don't want to be the leader anymore if my work is not appreciated. I've been keeping this for so long and now I'm letting it out thru blog posts but if I really feel that I need to speak out then that's what I'll do.

p/s : hope blog now tak lari topic. Macam lari topic ja. Macam everything is in this blog. And I know this blog is a bit confusing cause I don't mention the names.


dyana "his other half" said...

relax adil relax. jgn tension2.

nanti kita plan p tawau. plan ngan kami mesti lagi best kan :). la ni kaklong dok tunggu airasia or MAS buat promo. bln 6 yg kakngah nak p ni mahal sket la. lari budget kaklong n abg fariq. hehe.

aDILriDZ said...

bole ja. nnt tgk mcm mana kak diana check kat matta fair to then tell me the price. nnt i'll compare the price btwn u and kak nadiah's price then i'll choose from that.

tension la weh di sini.. huhu :(

i k a said...

hey hey
ta sngke pulak kn
smpai cmnih skali

i know u can face all this
kuat kn smgt ye aidil

aDILriDZ said...

ye thanks ika :)

shazzey suhaimi said...

that's what u shud do..xpyh scream and all that..buat xtau ja weh..biaq depa yg plan,hg just say yes or no ja..nak ikot or x..xpyh pk lebey2