Monday, March 1, 2010

Rough Day :(

I'm done with my assignment!! Yeay but there's more, at least 2 done and 3 to go :) trying to be positive here.. Let me tell u something, we printed the hard-copy but we forgot to include our view(POI, literature review) in the assignment. So Juf came out with an idea which is just print out just our POI and paste it in the assignment.

Even though it does not look good or pro, well at least our job here is done. Then now they're off to the printing store which opens till 3am to print just the copy of our review.

Now that they had gone off, I got to thinking that we have to do a soft-copy as well. So now the problem is for us to find an empty CD. *sigh*. Need to get everything done a.s.a.p. So the moral of this post is, don't do your assignment at the 11th hour and u must work as a team and don't let a team member down. Motivate each other for better results in future.

Hope things will get better in future and how we organize and distribute our tasks among team member.

p/s : thanks mak and alida for helping me and thanks for the advice. Thanks to my dad for being alert of my emotion situation on Twitter and facebook. Greatful to have parents who are computer literate :)


dyana "his other half" said...

assignment and exams la part paling tak best bila study. tp bila dah habis study, itu la yg plg dirindui. hehe.

go uncle adil go...go go go... -> sorakan smbil goyang2 bontot dari hadif. ahahaha.

aDILriDZ said...

tau takpa.. rindu nya hampa suma.. nak jmpk hadif tapi tak sempat.. kak diana, 19th march nie adil pi KL rmh maksu jani.. jom jmpk?? nak jmpk hadif :(
(dok buat sedih nie) hehehe