Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Wednesday :
Quiz and speaking test.
Quiz is at 8am and i didn't wake up and didn't go to class. i was panic and was not able to do anything. So i guess i hjust have to accept the fact that i might fail this CSC class. i woke up and get ready for the speaking test which is held at Perda class. This speaking test is done as a group and there were 4 in a group. Me,Fify,Alida and Hassan. The test went smoothly and to me we did great cause there's no 'moment of silent' like every other group had. So thank to God for that. After the speaking test i took UiTM's bus and straight to campus as i have meeting to attend to and the meeting is about one of our faculty's club. Done with the meeting and off to my lecturer's room to explain about the quiz thinggie and she said ok and i did the quiz in front of her. I was freaking out at that time cause im doing the quiz in front of my lecturer and the truth is i did some revision but not enough. So i wrote crappy stuff on the quiz paper and the lecturer laugh at me cause my answers are silly.. i apologize to her and left. Now im at Computer lab with Alida surfing the internet while waiting for our 'beloved' KESATRIA activity.
So the moral of the story is,
1 ) make sure there's someone to wake you up in the morning.
2 ) apologize to someone if you know that what you did is wrong.
3 ) relax in any kind of situation.
Till the next post
Tata for now XOXO
- TTYL -

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