Friday, September 11, 2009


Thursday : 

The day with 2 tests and mock on english speaking test and the day i planned to hand-in our group assignment. So as u all know,i haven't slept since Wednesday( the day i try to finish up my assignment ) and on thursday morning, my class is at 8am and i went to class but i didn't wash up. Should i explain more?? Then after class i rushed back to my dorm and try to take a short nap, so i did. Only for few minutes but it turns out to be an hour. The next class is at 12pm and the class is not really a class,it's a test. The first test and it was Hospitality. The test is at 12pm but i woke up from my nap at 11.45am. I was late n haven't bathe. Woke up and straight to toilet and bathe. Get dressed and ran all the way to the UiTM's bus stop. In the bus, all in my mind was i have to repeat this Hospitality class or i'll fail this test. When I arrived at the class,everyone has started the test and i was the only one who is late. I was so ashamed of myself since i'm the class representative and i behave like this,late to class and etc. The lecturer gave me the question paper and he didn't ask why am i late,so i guess i have no explanation to do. Thank God!! Done with my Hospitality paper and off to my next class,CTU ( kelas agama ) which is located just beside the Hospitality class. This time i was early. LOL. Kelas agama pun nak buat test jugak. The test was ok and after the test,Ustaz continue with presentation from 2groups which was given the topic weeks ago. The presentation went smoothly and everyone at the front seats paid their attention but the back seats was not and i was one of the peeps at the back seats. hahaha. These are a few pictures captured by me to show u blog readers the situation in the class during the presentation and what we were doing at the back seats.

presenters presenting 1

presenters presenting 2

presenters presenting 3

presenters presenting 4

presenters presenting 5

back seaters

front seaters and the back seaters

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