Saturday, September 19, 2009

Before Raya Still at Campus

Wednesday :

This is the day where everyone at campus start to go back home for Raya holidays. Me and my friends wanna 'bukak puasa' together before everyone balik. So after class on Wednesday,we ordered and reserved Nasik Goreng from MakTam, owner of SeleraIbu which is located beside our campus. Went to MakTam's after KESATRIA and our orderd were late. Bukak puasa lambat lagi!! Food that day pulak not so KABOOM. We ate,paid and off to NeverDie, Nasik Goreng restaurant opposite MakTam's which people say have the best service and great food. So on Wednesday,we went to 2 Nasik Goreng restaurants and we ate 2 Nasik Goreng. Here are some pictures taken at MakTam's.

L-R : Juf,Harith and Hisyam at MakTam's

Juf and Harith waiting for FOOD!!

Near camera to the end : Me,Hassan,*Alida's friend* and Farisha

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