Saturday, September 19, 2009

-New Hair-

Thursday : 

Picked Hisyam up from jetty Penang and drove to Kg. Syed in Pulau Tikus to fetch Alida and 2 of her cousins Hazira and Nabilah as we planned to shop together and we went to Queensbay Mall. Alida,Hazira and Nabilah shopped and Hisyam followed me to a hair saloon cause it's been a while since the last haircut. So we saw this one hair saloon and it was cheap, we went in and sat at the chair looking at some magazines about hairstyles and colors. I decided to give the responsibilities to the stylist cause im too lazy to think what style suits me. So he cut my hair the he dyed my hair. i choose dark brown to cover up my grey hairs but turns out it doesn't cover much. i love the color but i just don't like the haircut after he style it. But Hisyam and others said it was nice,so if they say it's nice and nice it is. Pictures of my new hair. 

On the chair waiting for the stylist

Cutting my hair while i was sms-ing

Coloring my hair and me taking pictures of myself

In the middle of coloring my hair and again, me snaping photo of myself

My hair is almost done yippi!!

p/s : will post picture of my new hair in the next post.

Till the next post 

Tata for now XOXO

- TTYL -

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