Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Now i'm at UiTM's study room and trying to do my assignments. I completed one assignment, Computer Application(CSC202) last week and thought it is a good one,but it turned to be otherwise. So, i have to redo the assignment from the scratch. This sucks! Done with the past,now comes the present. This is still about my assignment but this time it's a group assignment. Got the Food Hygiene(HTF110) weeks ago and trying to complete it as soon as possible with my groupie. We sat on the chair and opened our lappies and started to search for information that is relevant to our chosen topic. Searched for few minutes but everyone gave up since the assignment is confusing us group members. Everyone started to log in into myspace,facebook and i logged in to my blog. This sucks! When can we finish this assignment and when can i have my time to redo my Computer Application(CSC202) assignment?? Hope can finish the assignments on time. Pray for me. Assignments are not that easy. * sigh *


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