Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Monday : 

My friends and I were in class and were discussing on when to bukak puasa with our English lecturer,Ms.Nazifah. Finally we agreed to bukak puasa at Kapitan Perda on the same day. As everyone has agreed,i call Ms.Nazifah to inform her about our plan and she said OK. After class at 6.30pm,my friends and i rushed to Kapitan and sat there waiting for Ms.Nazifah and ordered everything. After bukak puasa,Ms.Nazifah has to make a move because she has class. After that, all of us went to Aeon City Perda and bought our dessert, McD's McFlurry and we went back to campus with happy and satisfied stomach. All of us were happy and enjoyed the dinner with Ms.Nazifah,the cool lecturer. 

p/s : i will upload pictures taken soon after i take it from my friend cause i don't capture any                
       photos with my phone. 

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