Thursday, September 10, 2009

What A Group

continuation from the ASSIGNMENTS!!! post..

Wednesday :
i decided to TRY to complete my HTF assignment and called every group members to tag along and finish up the assignment as the assignment due Friday. One didn't show up because he's having some problems that requires him to be at his cousin's house. So that's fine by me. Now only left me and the other two hooligans which I don't think they will co-operate since the night before, they have been surfing the net during the discussion and when I asked them to focus on the assignment, the reason was "relax la weh internet kan slow macam mana nak cari info". So that's fine if they blame the connection because it's true anyway. The internet connection here really bitching-off. So today i assume they will try to do something, but turns out the same thing repeats. Internet connection slows down and we started to watch movies on lappies. After a few hours the connection is back and i told them to find some extra information for the assignment but they did not. Then now they went off just like that without finishing the assignment and I'm doing this by myself without no ones help. I should get extra credit for my effort on finishing the assignment and basically in my opinion i should get all of their marks cause I'm doing this by myself. I'm doing this not because of them but for me. I want to complete my job fast and i want to get full marks for it. 

I've been told by my other friends to just complete and hand-up the assignment on time and when my group members asked whether I have completed the assignment and i will answer "NO, i haven't done it.. You guys were relaxing,and i want that as well." 
I want them to panic and get busy. I want them to taste their own medicine. 

the frustrated facial of mine

NOTE : torture people who is trying to take advantage for your kindness. 

Sorry mak i have to do this!!

Till the next post

Tata for now XOXO

- TTYL -

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