Thursday, July 8, 2010

3rd semester :D

Including today, it has been 4days of so called non-stop class. Been tired with class and other activities lately. I don't even have time to wish people's birthdays on Facebook like i normally do. Apology for that my dearest friends :-| Books(textbooks), some i get it for free from my seniors and some i need to get it from the bookstore. Calculated the total amount i needed for books only, almost to rm150. Isn't it crazy asking students to buy expensive books when UiTM was suppose to be the university for the poor also? Even i'm saying it's expensive.. :p Now i'm in 3rd semester, as been told by seniors and lecturers, 3rd semester would be the real world of hell. Just by looking at my class' timetable has been said enough. class starts at 8am everyday and ends at 7pm on Monday, 10pm on Tuesday-Thursday and 10am on Friday but will continue the day with extra curriculum in the evening which starts at 5pm till 7pm. Darn! So far, assignments are on the way but haven't received the final topic from the lecturers. This semester also, i have to deal with some new subjects, such as Economics and Accounting and i don't even have basic in both subjects. That is the sign for me to struggle damn hard in order to maintain my results and CGPA. Hope everything goes smoothly and pray to God that 3rd semester will be good to me. :D Furthermore, i'm a committee in two clubs which is HATSS(Hotel and Tourism Students Society) and Entrepreneurship Club and up to this day, only HATSS' events have been approved by the administration and one of it is mine,which means i'll be the project manager. It's gonna be tough and rough for me this semester and i have to find time to relax and any point. Finally, hope everything will go smoothly.. *AMIN*

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