Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday Morning :)


Bangun pagi, gosok gigi, cuci muka,keluar jogging..

That's all i have in mind for now, so began my day at 7.45am. Got up and straight to toilet and do all those stuff i mentioned above. When i'm ready, Mr.Stomach is not feeling well and it needs me to pay a visit to Mr.Toilet. After I'm done, Faizal and I picked up Aina and Zameer and off we go to Mengkuang Dam which i linked to its website in my previous post. Jogged for almost an hour there and it's really a good thing to do to start up your day. I feel fresh after, but i don't quiet enjoy myself this morning because I'm having stomachache for the second time this morning. I don't feel like jogging even though i jogged and this is because i forced myself to do so for the sake of my mission to be successful. After jogging, the 4 of us went for light breakfast at kedai melayu in front of our apartment for roti canai. I had two pieces of roti canai and a glass of plain cold water. Later I'm going back to island because i made an appointment with FitnessFirst (FF) to collect my two-days free trial voucher. :D Will be heading to Island with Alida and I'm not sure whether Faizal wants to tag along or not cause he seems tired. Hope today will be a great day. That's all for now and will keep you posted. See you..

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