Sunday, July 18, 2010


YES I'm dieting but I still can eat. Whenever I say " I'm hungry ", people will say " diet adil! ". Gila pa diet tak makan. At least tanya la dulu whether aku dah makan ka belum and if dah makan baru la kata " diet adil ", tapi nie tak! If " I'm hungry " keluar ja teros kata diet, padahal aku tak makan apa-apa pun lagi. Tension! Yes i admit, i eat a lot, tapi i can enjoy eating too but i only have to control the intake of food la. Now I'm cutting down my intake of food into half and still they said it's a lot. Can't you people see that I'm trying my hardest here? Please understand my situation! yes it's a motivation and support but not until i can't eat at all. Please! sheesshh. Yea and one more thing, it's not like I don't exercise! I eat and I exercise, sometimes even more than u do and finally, doesn't mean that you're slim and slander doesn't mean that you're healthy!


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