Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hell's Kitchen

Me,Hisyam & Harith just arrived home from our 'Hell's Kitchen'! It was tiring 0_o Now,waiting for my other housemate, Faizal, to continue with our English presentation which we're not sure whether we'll be presenting tomorrow or Friday but just to be prepared, we're going to complete the slide show by Thursday. After we're done with English slides presentation, we'll proceed with our f&b Accounting's homework,which we don't even understand how to do it :-\ How are we suppose to do if we don't understand? I'm not on the same page with my lecturer, he's too fast. Fast as in, he talks fast and he taught us in class like we're a bunch of robots with photographic memory with 32Gb memory card. Don't you think it's crazy? If we ask, he'll like

"kan saya dah cakap tadi, u kena buat macam nie then tambah dengan yang ini.."

tak syok dah nak tanya lepas tu :(
Tomorrow will be another day!

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