Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Hell of a Day

Yesterday was a chaos. Why? After meeting with Ms.Emily(English lect) Faizal & I went back home then, I took the car to Celcom center in Seberang Jaya. Filled forms and got my Celcom simcard but still using Maxis until i receive a message from Celcom saying that the process of changing the service from Maxis to Celcom is successful, then i'll change to my new simcard. At 11.45am, myself, Faizal,Aina,Fify met Hisyam and Alida at campus for lunch at our Hotel UiTM. In the evening, rushed to Entrepreneurship Club's meeting then send Aina to jetty because she has to go back home in Shah Alam for some family matter. Next was suppose to send Alida to her aunt's house in Island but at that time i was late for my next meeting which i really need to be there, so I drop by at McD for that meeting 1st then only send Alida to her aunt's. Nad and Faizal followed me to send Alida. Dropped off Alida, we went to Gurney Drive for late supper as i haven't had my dinner yet. That was my freaking Friday!

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