Friday, July 9, 2010

My Mission 0_o

Since 1st day of class, i start to minimize my intake of food, 2 meals per day, lunch and dinner. Breakfast memang tak sempat :p So basically now, if lapar pon I'll try to wait till either lunch time or dinner. Then now, I'm trying to make myself to go to Mengkuang Dam for a jog once or twice a week.

Other days, my friends and I will play badminton at nearest playground.

I'm doing this because i want to be fit and i'm preparing myself for Penang Bridge Run 2010. To make this successful, i have Faizal(housemate) as my exercise buddy, Alida & Marie & Aina(classmates) as my food-intake controller. This is not easy for me because there are some people are try to break my spirit in making this happen. Whenever i eat, they'll say "makan banyak2,kang gemok!" (padahal sikit kot dr selalu). Orang-orang nie la yang demotivate aku dalam nak kurus punya mission nie. Luckily i have these 4people with me. They support whatever i do and they don't give any sarcastic comments about my body. Thanks to u people. Now, i'm hoping that everyone will support me with my mission which is, 63kg.. :D That is the number i'm aiming for. I used to weigh that much but been gaining weight from time to time and now i'm not sure how much i weigh. So i think that's all for now, read my next post people :)

I want to run here!

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