Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Horrible + Happiness

1st day of kitchen operation for 3rd semester and it was a hell. Headache after class due to lack of water, hot weather and lot of things in mind that need to be done. I think i should hire a secretary to be with me all the time telling me what i should do and where I should be. I have a planner but I can't be 2 persons at once (the boss + the secretary). I don't know how my senior, Iylia Kamal (to be specific) do it, but he can really do lot of things at once and still manage to maintain his results,which is 3.5 and above every semester. I want to be like him! People are saying that i look like him, physically and he's a representative for his class, so do I. He organized a lot of events from 2 different clubs and so do i. This is why people,including the lecturers thought that we were brothers. Back to what i was talking, I need someone to be with me to organize my daily schedule AND, a driver! :D

Secondly, I want to thanks to my parents because they just bought me this..

BlackBerry 9700

I'll take good care of this present and I'll give u(my mom and dad) good results in future. Thanks mak, thanks bapak for this <3>


dyana "his other half" said...

whatttt? dapat BB bold? issshhh, tak aci la :P. abg fariq bagi kak dyana BB curve ja. huhu.

aDILriDZ said...

hahaha some are lucky,some are not. but grateful with what we have. :) as for me, i'm lucky-er than u are :P ala still BB kot.. no diff. kak diana bpa lama dah pakai curve?