Monday, July 19, 2010

While Waiting for French Class

I'm waiting for my last class for today which is french. French is not easy! Hard to understand and hard to catch up. I hate French class but I love learning languages :D therefore, forced myself to attend all of Mr.Cheng's class. Yes, my French lecturer is chinese and also a teacher at Penang Free School teaching God knows what subject. Nowadays, UiTM is damn boring and life in UiTM is getting harder and what I call it in malay "meluat".. This is due to my tight schedule and I'm trying to juggle my time to fit in all my appointments and I'm trying to attend all meetings so that I won't miss anything. Like what have been said by my senior, Abg Iylia "at the end of 3rd semester,u can join the circus team as professional ball juggler because u had successfully juggle ur time during ur 3rd semester". Cool words always come from his mouths, such as "if no mistake being done, the world is too perfect! ".. kannn. Thanks Abg Iylia for all ur words that make me stronger in mind. How I wish everyone thinks like him and don't give up.. That's all for now :)

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